Busy weekend.

Well I am off to fight traffic and start the weekend. Got a full social calender this weekend. Well actually my nephew does and I just show up.

Saturday it is Bounce House time, and Uncle Boski gets chased by 8 year old’s. Thankfully they will not have torches and clubs like I have experinced in the past.

After that, the Better Half and I are going to Pauley Pavilion to watch UCLA vs. Stanford. I have never been and I have always wanted to go. All these years and I have never gone to this Sports shrine. Afterwards we may fit in some wandering through Westwood.

But before the game, we will be stopping up in Culver City. The Better Half wants to go to Serfas which is a kitchen wonderland, you name it they have it. It is always fun wandering through the aisles. Sadly, I have a feeling I will not be with my wife at that point, since I will be camped out side of the NFL Network Studios, crying. I will be groveling at the door asking for some NFL Combine scraps. In short not a pretty sight. Again I present my shame for all to mock.

Sunday it will be day two of the festival of my nephew with a party at Casa de Mom. Which should be a nice time.

So now I am off, please take some caulk and spare tires before you go.


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