Have you seen this man?

He is wanted for grand theft. He is stealing this season of Extras. Which is no easy task mind you when you have moments like:

– David Bowie’s appearance where Andy thinking he finally getting some respect, but ends up with Mr. Bowie breaking into spontaneous song about how Andy’s pathetic life.

– Orlando Bloom getting shot down over and over by Maggie

– Getting caught in a bathroom stall by the BAFTA organizers after his agent (seen above) drags him in trying to get him to snort some Colombian Marching Powder with him and British comedy actor Ronnie Corbet (who looks like the woman that Andy lost his virginity when he was 28 and drunk, but that another story) and now Andy is banned from either winning or going to the BAFTA, well he can go to the Welsh BAFTA’s.

– Chris Martin doing his PSA all the while he is trying to push the new Coldplay Greatest Hits

– Then there is Daniel Radcliffe, Henry Potter himself, trying way too hard and quiet unsuccessfully to try to be some kind of Lothario on set. Who in his stumbling attempt to be something he is not, accidentally flings a condom that lands Dame Daine Rigg head.

Add those moments with the bumbling of his agent and you have priceless comedy. I did not think Mr. Gervais could top the Office, but this is getting to that level.

So damn you Ricky, damn you and your wonderful show.

So if you are not watching it, I command you do to so!


4 Responses to Have you seen this man?

  1. Gooch says:

    The only depressing part is realizing that this may be the final season, basing this on Merchant/Gervais closing up shop on “The Office” after 2 six-episode seasons. Listening to Harry Potter explain, “A ring don’t mean a thing” is a moment I will never forget.

  2. Totsie says:

    Hey hey, the big Le Boski is talking about another show I love again! Can the BBC ever go wrong? Well…there was that whole Celebrity Big Brother racism row that was kind of uncomfortable…but a heck of alot of fun to youtube, especially Leo Sayer’s violent exit.

    I believe the last episode of season 2 Extras was the finale. Perhaps he’ll do a Christmas special like he did with Office.

    Are you havin’ a laugh?

  3. Boski93 says:

    Gooch – I hear you, I too want for more. Oh I need to ask about how you holding up since the passing of Bam Bam Bigelow?

    Tot – No, the BBC can’t go wrong. I have my issues with BBC America on the other hand. I am still pissed they have not brought back Trailer Park Boys and The Mighty Boosh and a couple of others series. I do not need to see the same “Cash In the Attic” episode 29 times. I need me my shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for the Celebrity Big Brother, they should have known better. When you mess with the Leo Sayer you get the horns.

  4. Gooch says:

    Ok, an update. The scene last week where he is trying to break up a turd while on a date with Maggie is the funniest scene thus far in a very funny season. Still have to watch the finale.

    RIP Bam Bam

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