Super Bowl Wrap-up

Well Super Bowl XLI is in the books. I want to apologize to everyone out there for not giving you my pick before the game, it could have helped out some of you degenerates out there. The game kinda went the way I expected, well at least with the under, but I thought the Bears would have covered the 7. Again that is why I am blogging to you at lunch instead of puttering about town in my solid gold rocket car.

The score I saw for the game was Indy 26 Chicago 20, but I put too much faith in Rex Grossman.

Here are some of my observations:

Sunday was a perfect reason why L.A. or Orange County should have an NFL franchise back. Miami rainy, Los Angeles 85 and sunny. I have more reasons to support why this area should get a team back, but I will not bore you with that right now.

The “performance” by Cirque de Soleil before the game might be the best PSA to keep people off of drugs, since the fired egg PSA’s. I kept waiting for Mr. Mackey to say, “mmm drugs are bad”.

The commercial were so-so, the only one that I agreed with was Emerald Nuts ad. You see Robert Goulet is an a office gremlin, whose only goals in life are to belt out a tune, and steal the TPX Cover sheets. To me it crystallized why Elvis shot out a TV when he heard Robert signing on TV. Maybe Elvis knew this all along and he felt that Mr. Goulet had to be stopped. Or maybe it was the 36 pounds of drugs Elvis consumed a day.

So did you take the over/under on Billy Joel singing the National Anthem in under 1:42. If you took the under you were a winner!

The first quarter was great. Nothing like a game opening kickoff return for a TD. After that it was just not pretty football.

Made a killing during the game, well I got my money for winning my fantasy football league. So I felt like I won betting on football.

Speaking of sloppy football, great game Sex Cannon.

Stat of the Night – The Bear offense did not run a play for 57 real-time minutes. That time includes half-time. That is not going to get it done, but it did keep the Bears in the game in that Rex could not do anymore damage. But I did hear he threw three picks in the locker room as well.

Bring on more Manning ads. I am glad for the guy in that he can just go out and play now. It will no longer be about Florida, New England or protection problems. He has put up and now the critics will have to shut it, for a little while.

Speaking of Manning, I wonder if this off-season in between his commercial shoots, will he take his new car (which I think him getting the MVP was BS, Should have given it to Addai and Rhodes) and do doughnuts on Brady’s and Spurrier’s lawn.

Oh the Bears finally converted a 3rd down, almost 24 hours after the Colts left the field.

The Bears could be in for a bigger loss. Right now they still have not resigned Lovie Smith to a contract. Lovie may go an interview for the Cowboy job, if not him then surely it will be his defensive coordinator Ron Rivera. Now if there was more than one job open they could have lost both of them. This is where the rule about assistants have to wait to be finished with the playoffs before they could interview saves the Bears.

Speaking of selections, I am alright with the Hall of Fame class this year. I am not a huge Michael Irvin fan, but he did deserve to go, even with all the baggage. Art Monk, should get in, but it shows that the NFL Hall of Fame voting is as screwed up as Baseball. That is another long blog rant for another day. It was good to see Roger Wehrli a great DB (6 Pro Bowls and named to the All 70’s Teams) who played on bad teams get in. The thing that shocked me along with the continued snubbing of the Broncos. Was former commissioner Paul Tagilibue was not elected. When he stepped down he was hailed as a hero and he got the CBA done, or so I thought. It has not been ratified so we could see football meltdown if they do not get it fixed. If that happens they will blame Tags. So do not be surprised if Paul tries to help with the negotiations.

Congrats to Dungy for his win, I think yesterday we all would be happy no matter who won him or Lovie (unless you had a house payment on the losing team), since both appear to be, since I have no personal experience with either, genuine nice guys. The color of their skin should not matter, they can flat out coach. One had to get their with no-defense and the other had to get their without a QB. Chew on that.

Speaking of coaches, a sign that the Raiders new coach may be in trouble. Lane Kiffin the son of the Bucs Defensive Coordinator is leaving his job as Offensive coordinator to take the Chernobyl of the NFL. Let’s say that he did not garner much respect from his charges at USC. Who gave him the nickname Coach Lunchmoney. Many people here in the who are Trojan fans are happy to see him, go. I am not since I want USC to take a nose dive. Now Lane has tried to bring in some veteran coaches to help out, but rumor has it that Lane has tired to contact Randy Moss after being hired and Moss wont call back since he wanted Rex Ryan to coach. So I am hoping that this continue the Raider downward spiral.

Prince – I think that next to the first quarter his performance was the best part of the game. Okay, the “I Love Lucy” head scarf not the greatest idea, but considering the conditions he did a great job. I have seen him live and the guy flat out is fantastic in concert and unlike the Bears he sucked it up and got the job done. I wanted the halftime show to be boring so I could get up, but it didn’t. Kudos small purple dude, kudos.

Mr. Spade I have been pissed that I have been waiting for the “Showbiz Show” to come back. That you decided to get a show and forsake us. Well, after seeing the promos, should I set my Tivo to start up with the Showbiz Show in about a month or two months?

My wife’s Carmel corn kicks ass.

Beer, football, friends and Carmel corn kick is a great way to spend a Sunday.

When will they finally realize that the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a Holiday as well.


2 Responses to Super Bowl Wrap-up

  1. Silliyak says:

    Rex played like he just lost his health insurance, which may yet happen.

  2. Silliyak says:

    Well, if YOU’RE not going to wish ALL of us a good weekend, I guess I’ll just have to wish YOU one. So there!

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