I am sorry this just sounds like some Papal Bull

So it looks like Der Popemeister will use the same publishers that published the Da Vinci Code.

Excuse me Popey, didn’t you spend sometime last year trashing the book and the movie? It was along the lines of “blasphemous” I believe were you words.

Oh Popey, what are we going to do with you?

Again I am sorry to my Catholic peeps out there (As if my opinion matters since I am not the greatest Catholic. I do fancy myself a modern day Catholic Constructive Deist), I just have not been able to warm up to Der Pope Ratsenkeller.

Well if this book does not go well, I wonder if the Vatican will still go ahead with the Pope’s first feature film,

“Bless it Like Benedict”

I am worried it will be all action and no plot. Look Michael Bay is directing need I say more.


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