Championship Weekend

Pro Football is ramping up for it’s biggest event. I know you are all thinking about it, I know I am. I can just see it now.

Yes, 2007 Pro Bowl. Awesome, I know. Man, nothing beats seeing the best football players walk through a glorified touch football game. But before we get to that we have to settle this NFL Playoffs and get to that paltry Super Bowl thingy.

So lets look at what we have have for Championship Weekend

Let me put on my ill fitting handicapping cap, yes the one that cuts off blood to my head so I make awful picks.

New Orleans at Chicago (-2) O/U 43 America’s newest Sweethearts (Saints) vs. Deadspin’s and Kissing Suzy Kolber’s favorite son, Rex the Sex Cannon Grossman. Him and Kyle Orton may have contributed to at least 29% of the entries on Deadspin, and 40% on KSK, since 2005. To me this one is all about the weather. Temperature is not the issue, it will be if there is either rain, snow, sheet or sweat from the Superfans. With a dry track the Saints should be able to move the ball even if it below zero. I am going to go with the Saints only because I think they have enough firepower to counter the Bears D which has not been sterling that last few months.

Saints 28 Bears 24

New England at Indianapolis (-3) 47.5 Sadly I have fallen into the camp of I hate that both of these teams are here and that we have to have a week of near ProBowl Hype…er Super Bowl Hype for this game. But I will be a bigger blogger and rise above that. This is and should be a great game, no matter who wins. Even if that means dealing with the Pats continuing dynasty, or the 8 million more Payton Manning TV spots that will be done, if they win this game, and then add another 8 million more on top of that as well. Both of these teams have made it here overcoming some tough obstacles.

The Colts beat an undeserving Chiefs team who should have been at home watching the Broncos beat the Colts, and then pull off a Steeleresque Postseason run to win Super Bowl 41, and make a little blogger from Costa Meas very happy. Again I think I have veered off course. But the Colts did beat the Chiefs and the Ravens in a very un-Colt like way. Great D and spotty O. As for the Pats, sadly Tom Brady is better than all of us and we should just give in. I think God looks down and gets pissed at Brady for being as good as he has been. This does not mean I will stop rooting against Brady, I just acknowledge that by doing that I will be on the short side almost every time, except when he face the Broncos, who have bested him 3 of the last 4 times they have met and that includes Brady’s only playoff loss. There again the Bronco fan in me is getting carried away, and I will remind myself that Brady has three rings and we have not been in the Super Bowl since 1999. So suck it Boski!

So what does this mean for Sunday. Well it means that we will see an epic battle where through no fault of his own Manning will crowned King of “Can’t Win the Big One”. Because I think the Pats will grind it out at the very end and beat the Colts with their rookie kicker after a Vineteri miss. This is the Colts’ shot, and if they lose this one they will be haunted by this for years.

Pats 37 Colts 35

Other quick NFL notes:

Ron Mexico (cough, cough, cough) what were you (cough, cough) thinking man? You can’t bring (cough, cough) water bottles on a plane. Especially one that got the (cough, cough) Chronic.

Dolphins hire Kirk Cameron as they new head coach. Oh sorry about that. I meant Cam Cameron, but if this ends up like his stint at Indiana, then even Alan Thicke won’t be able to save them.

Football All-American will play for the Cubs. I have a feeling that he will get hit more as Cubs pitcher than as a football player.

If the Steelers select Russ Grimm as their coach, will it be a fairy tale story.

I have to go, the Better Half and I are having dinner with some friends. So I will be back Monday with more nonsense.

Have a good weekend.


5 Responses to Championship Weekend

  1. Silliyak says:

    It’s all pure Gold, and we await your return with baited breath. (I had anchovies on my Caeser salad)

  2. BubbaRayGracie says:

    “Because I think the Pats will grind it out at the very end and beat the Colts with their rookie kicker after a Vineteri miss.”

    The Pats could lose 1,000,000-0 in the Super Bowl, and I would still be satisfied if what you described happened.

  3. Gooch says:

    You were actually shockingly close on the Pats-Colts score if you’d just switch around the winner and loser.

  4. silliak says:

    Sorry you didn’t make the final cut for the Raiders coaching job. I think you were close until you made the remark about what a great guy Marcus Allen is.

  5. Boski93 says:

    Gooch – that has been the story of my handicapping life.

    Silly – They threw my resume out when I had Mike Shanahan as reference.

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