I got nothing for you.

Wow another busy week has ended and I am crispy right now. I have been training someone on my old job. A position I barley under myself. All the while trying to keep that said job from bursting into flames. Which has kept me from doing the work for the position I just got put into. Added bonus this week, everyone has been sick, so I have had to do most of it without a net. Which means there will be lots of crying and finger pointing in the near future.

To show you how done I am this week, I can’t even give you a half hearted attempt to make some really unfunny obscure and arcane reference, not even something about the Treaty of Westphalia.

Mmmmmmm, the birth of the Nation-State arrrrrrrruuuuuuuwwwwwgggggghhhhhhh. Oh where was I, oh I remember now.

Have a good weekend everyone.


One Response to I got nothing for you.

  1. Silliyak says:

    Rest my son

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