Feeling better, but….

Harold Douglas Baines the Partron Saint of Sweet Swinging Lefthanded Designated Hitters only got 5.3% of the votes for the Hall of Fame.

You sportswriters are on dope!

I am going to blame the following people:

The President, yes the president, while high on the Bolivian marching powder, he traded for Harold and made me root for Sammy Sosa. That f’ing bastard.

Mr. Reinsdorf for dealing Harold to Texas and nearly crushing a young teenager. I did not talk to anyone for about three days. Thanks to you, Harold missed out on the New Comiskey, which would have helped him reach 400 HR’s.

Jerry Manuel – You could not give Harold a couple of starts when the season was in the shitcan. You and that mental midget Terry Bevington can go suck it. Also that goes to any manager that would not let Harold see left handed pitching.

The Indians for trading for Harold and subjecting him to the evil that is Indian baseball.

The state of Delaware, just because I have always wanted to hold a grudge against a state.

Well Harold stays on the ballot for another year at least.

Okay, I feel better now. Okay back to your business.


One Response to Feeling better, but….

  1. Silliyak says:

    Glad to see Tiny Tim Warner wasn’t involved.

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