Wow if all weekends are going to be like this then I will pass.

Holy crap did this weekend suck.

Friday I got out of my office late, since I was trying to get crap ready for a review. The traffic sucked so, I go home at a little bit before 7 on a Friday, and I was not even trying to drive to LA. So that blew Friday night.

Saturday I got up with a pounding headache, and did what any person would want to do on a Saturday, go to work. I have not worked a Saturday for the man in about 10 years and I remembered why I was so happy when I stopped, but at least I was paid for it. But I miss the first half for the Colts/Chiefs after seeing the stats, I may have been fortunate. But I will say the Broncos would have put a freaking fight. Stupid Chefs! Got home and crashed with that same headache. I trudged through the Seachicken/Cowboys. Maybe it was how the game ended that made my head hurt, but hey at least I am not Tony Romo today. So as soon as the game has ended I have to go lie down in a dark room, since the left side of my head was playing roller derby. This was at 8:45 PM. So I crashed again till about 9:00 the next morning, but when I arose. I did not feel pretty, my head was still killing me, I was still tired even after 12 hours of sleep, okay it was 12 hours of trying to sleep. Since I would wake up periodically wincing and pray that Skylab would fall out of the sky and end this tramshamocracy. I staggered to the couch and stayed their till about 12 when I realized one that my headache was my version of the DT’s since I had not had any caffeine since Friday afternoon and boy do I love that walking through jello and thinking hurts. Two that I had not eaten since 10 AM Saturday. So I went out and tried to get a plate full of heaven at by beloved Whaoo’s, but I just felt so craptastic I could only get through a half. Then came the highpoint. After watching the first half of the Giants/Eagles I took a nap, till 6:00 PM. I should have known that that would could back to bit me in the ass. So at 9:30 we turned in, since TimeWarner felt Sunday night was a great time to have hours of nothing on. Kudos to you again gentlemen, Kudos. So I climb into bed ready to try to slumber when, out of nowhere I start wheezing, then some coughing and more wheezing. I sat there for about 40 minutes trying to relax and breath, but to no avail. It was like right now was a great time for me to start to have my allergies run amok. So I got up, hacking a wheezing like Darth Vader after beat on by the Emperor and fled to a location away from my wife, since I wanted her to actually get some sleep. So from about 10:45 till about 2 I was up and I was able to do the following:

Took some Tussin,

Tried to put some clothes away

Sat in den and pounded my hand into my head.

Had my nose run a couple of miles

Trip over nearly everything in the house

Found out you can play solitaire with card and not a computer

Then I finally took the knitted blanket from the Den and a ratty pillow and slept out on the couch. I still was wheezing and it was not hard to breath, but it was not easy. But the weirdest thing was that usually I feel this in my chest, but this was sitting right under my sternum. So something new and uncomfortable. A nice feeling that has been with me all day in fact. But I laid there for awhile till I finally zonk out for about maybe an hour when my wife drags me back to our bed since she can sense that I was cold out there. So I lay down and realize that I can’t sleep now, it is 5:30 already and I will be screwed if I keep my head down. So hello Monday morning. Sure I know many out there had it much worse, but I needed to get that out or someone was going to get run down in the parking lot. But nothing like starting a hectic work week with that.

But there was a bright side, the Better Half and I did get a turn table that you can plug into your PC and download you records. The Better Half has been able to pull out some hard core 80 New Wave and has been going to town. She has been downloading that stuff like crazy. So much so that this morning, I noticed all my ties were considerable skinnier today because of her actions.

Thank you for sitting through that gripe-fest, please excuse me if it any of it is a mess. I am not running on full capacity today.


3 Responses to Wow if all weekends are going to be like this then I will pass.

  1. Silliyak says:

    Sorry about your WEAKend. Did you at least flash on North Dallas Forty, when Romo dropped the snap?

  2. Eric says:

    Now I’m worried – are you taking your vitamins?!??

    On a positive note, agonizing pain seems to work wonders for spelling

  3. Boski93 says:

    Silly – Now there was a good football flick.

    Eric – You everyday I sit and give many a thanks and ritual sacrifice to the gods of spell check.

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