Merry New Year!

Well we have made it to 2007. I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years. I enjoyed mine, being the party animal I am, it was a rip roaring night. A night that saw me finally stop the party train at 7:45 PM. Yes you read that right. I did awake at midnight when it sounded like my housing tract was taking mortar fire. Some even louder than the New Years party that was going on at the Fair Grounds, and they were pros.

But do not fear, I did ring in the New Years just like Team Boski always does. At 4:00 PM. Yep it was another GMT New Years. Which actually is great. You can go spend a couple of hours, have a couple of drinks, sober up and still get on the road before the crazies do. I recommend it. Just find a English pub near you next year and try it out. Hey I am good with a couple glasses of lager, good friends and a piper. The only thing that was not good, was the fish. I think that is why I retired for the evening early.

So I have been thinking about my New Years Resolutions and here is what I have:

1. Destroy Time Warner Cable for it’s continuing crime against Boskimanity, but not getting this whole NFL Network thing solved
2. Blog more
3. Watch more sports
4. Work on improving diplomatic relations between dogs and wolves
5. Stop faking the funk on the those nasty dunks
6. Play more Madden
7. Clean the garage
8. Destroy Time Warner Cable
9. Go to a Spring Training Game or two
10. Finally get the yard done so it does not become a Superfund site
11. Blog even more about destroying Time Warner Cable as I play Madden, while hoping to watch more sports
12. Come out of my shell about how I feel about our president
13. Be a better commenter on all those wonderful blogs I read
14. Make even more arcane references.
15. Bring the Goodwill games to Placentia
16. Destroy Time Warner Cable
17. Come to grips that I am never ever going to know what Willis is talking about.
18. Work on getting Pluto a new agent
19. Finally beat Steven Hawking in hoops. You are going down little man. Maybe afterwards I can convince him to help me destroy Time Warner Cable.
20. Be named the next King of Brazil.


6 Responses to Merry New Year!

  1. Silliyak says:

    If they changed their name to a more personal sounding “Tim Warner Cable”, would that satisfy your blood lust?

  2. Boski93 says:

    Nope, they have gone too far.

  3. Silliyak says:

    But you HAVE to admit “Tiny Tim Warner Cable and Orphanage” would render you helpless.

  4. Gooch says:

    Trust me, listening to Bryant Gumbel announce football is nothing to get excited over.

  5. Boski93 says:

    Again sadly I would have to say no. In fact I would be using Tiny Tim Warner Cable’s cane to beat him into a nice paste. When it comes to my TV and sports, I will call down the thunder.

  6. Boski93 says:

    Well if you put it that way then.

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