It has been a big week in delusional thinking.

First it was Iran’s President, Iamadinnerjacket holding a conference on the Holocaust being a hoax.

Then today in Washington, feeling the pressure to do something, the White House hold a big send off for Donald Rumsfeld. Which to me is like HomeTown Buffet giving a party for Nicole Richie, it just seems so wrong and very pointless.

Well Boski the party for Rummy just sounds just stupid and not mind wrenchingly wrong as Mr. Iamadinnerjacket. (He will be called that until he comes down from the crazy mountain he is on). Yes, I agree to a degree, but some of the comments made by Bush and Cheney bring it back toward Delusionalville.

Our Fearless leader on Mr. Douchfeld,

“On his watch, the United States military helped the Iraqi people establish a constitutional democracy in the heart of the Middle East, a watershed event in the story of freedom,” said Bush, who hugged Rumsfeld. “This man knows how to lead, and he did. And the country is better off for it.”

Mr. Bush, I would love to know which country that was made better off because I would like to look into moving there. So you saying that success equals: a bloody civil war, sky-rocketing gas prices, regional instability that may lead to even more horrific bloodshed and economic meltdown, add the degradation of our armed forces and the United States standing going down the toilet. If that is so then mission accomplished!

As for Darth Cheney here a dose of sunshine from his soup cooler,

“I’ve never worked harder for a boss, and I’ve never learned more from one either,” said the vice president, hired by Rumsfeld in 1969 into the Nixon White House. “I believe the record speaks for itself: Don Rumsfeld is the finest secretary of defense this nation has ever had.”

Oh how cute, are you two still dating? Hey jackass, I think you got your speech mixed up, that the one you were going to use at the Haliburton Christmas Party. If not then please drop the pipe and go lay down. Hmm looking at the quote it makes you think. Who would have thought after 1974 someone else from the Nixon White House would out do Tricky Dick himself for being the bigger a-hole in U.S. history. Well I will say that takes some talent and a lot of black magic.

As for old Rumsdouche he what he added,

Combative to the last, Rumsfeld took a slap at advocates of withdrawing U.S. troops from the war, now in its fourth year with more than 2,900 Americans dead. “It may well be comforting to some to consider graceful exits from the agonies and, indeed, the ugliness of combat,” Rumsfeld said, choking up slightly as he capped a roster of speakers at his pomp-filled goodbye ceremony. “But the enemy thinks differently.”

Good to see you have not lost that lovely sense of humor you douche crotch goblin. Now is that the enemy who was in it’s last throws. Or is that one of the unknown knowns that you knew nothing to know about?

In his parting advice, Rumsfeld said America must increase investment in its military. “Ours is a world of unstable dictators, (What do you mean Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, oh and Iraq) weapon proliferators (Halibuton and KBR, oh I thought you said war profiteers ) and rogue regimes(Now we are talking Bush and Cheney, right?), and each of these enemies seeks out our vulnerabilities,” he said. “Ours is also a world of many friends and allies, but sadly, realistically, friends and allies with declining defense investment and declining capabilities (Or maybe they just have the good sense not to get into messy regime changes or nation building) and, I would add, as a result, with increasing vulnerabilities. All of which requires that the United States of America invest more.”(Wow, I mean obviously we have not spent enough in that past five years. I mean we are only talking billions Also we are obviously not as smart as you.)

Good riddance Rummy and again thanks for nothing.

P.S. I think it is a safe bet that Rummy raided the Pentagon’s Office Supply room and stole whatever was not tied down. What a horse’s ass.


2 Responses to It has been a big week in delusional thinking.

  1. Silliyak says:

    Paging Mr. Boski!, Paging Mr.Boski!, oh there you are, come have a seat, it’s time for your afternoon pill. Did you see the pretty flowers in the foyer when you came in? Weren’t they nice? Let’s try and slow your breathing down now shall we? I see you have some lovely Holiday cards from…let’s see…CVS and JuiceItUp.. Mr Boski Come Baaaack!

  2. Boski93 says:


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