Note to the Shop Owners at the Corner of Baker and Fairview in Costa Mesa.

Just wanted to drop you all a little note.

I want to apologize in advance for any damage that may occur when I fire bomb the JuiceItUp. Since I will be doing this in the morning, it is affect traffic and people at the coffee place next door.

So you ask, why?

Well you see my anger comes from the fact that at least four times in the past 2 month I have tried to come down after 7:00 AM to get a smoothie before work, but it seems like the shinny bright employee of JuiceItUp, Suzy SnoozeButton and Henry Hungover feel that 7:00 AM is just way too early to open. If this will be too hard for them, then could you please change the hours from 7:00 AM to 10:00 to Whenever. Now being late 5 minutes, maybe even 10 minutes I can handle, hey that happens. But when it is 7:30 AM and you have been waiting for 20 minutes it tends to get me a little perturbed, since I have to get to a job myself. Hey I just want my smoothie, is that so wrong? Look I should be happy these slackers took the time to fill out a W-2, but come on. My suggestion to them is if the hours are a problem, I know a great field for you to work in. It is a work place that has great hours. You can show up anytime and it is okay. You know what it is called. Yes, it’s called unemployment.

So merchants of the shops at the corner of Baker and Fairview you can see I have become a little bent out of shape about this. So when I whip up that Molotov Smoothie, it is not aimed at you.

Best Wishes From A Happy Costa Mesa Citizen


2 Responses to Note to the Shop Owners at the Corner of Baker and Fairview in Costa Mesa.

  1. Silliyak says:

    Listen, one windmill at a time. Unless your vendetta against Comcast has been won, don’t take on two fronts at the same time (like our glorious leader)
    And how about an update from the CSG (Comcast Study Group)

  2. Boski93 says:

    The Comcast now Time Warner conflict has not been won. The CTWSG has suggested that I punch them in the nose, which I feel is the right move. But as for JuiceItUp this is just a “police action” kinda like Korea, which I plan to get UN approval shortly.

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