Well now since they have left me keys to the car.

Today is my first at the shake machine and the trainee hat is off!

So far, no one has been injured or maimed under my watch, but give me time.

Right now I can’t get into the computer of the person who I am filling in for, so there are some items I can’t get to and that kinda sucks. But I have a call into them and hopefully I will hear from them.

Also today I got something today that I know will sound silly to all of you. They gave me a pager, and I didn’t have to sell blow to get it either. The drawback, there was not gum in it. I was hoping it was like my cell phone. Boy I could go for some gum.

But that is what I am up to here at the Hospital.

As for my weekend, not too eventful. The only thing was Sunday when the Boski’s almost got a couple cats. But I was not ready for it. Over the past few years I have come the realization that I am a cat person and so is the Better Half. Don’t get me wrong I still love dogs, but if I am going to get a pet, it is going to be a cat. But this weekend I could not pull the trigger. I felt shitty about not getting them, but our house is not ready for them and if I am going to be a cat owner, I need to be a responsible one. Also we did not even consult the Adorable Stalker about this.

I worried that he would feel hurt. I know he is just a cat, but look at him. Do you want to hurt his feelings? Yep, that’s what I thought.

Well I have to go take a walk and then I have to go back to the mines. Now where is that canary?


2 Responses to Well now since they have left me keys to the car.

  1. Silliyak says:

    Is AS a male cat? If so you definitely do not want anopther male unless it is a kitten. Even then I would go for a female kitten at most.

    BTW I have a new “trick” I use for the word verification. If it is too long or hard to read I just hit enter so it brings up a new, hopefully easier combination.

  2. Boski93 says:

    Yes. Even though the cats would have been indoor, I think he would have not taken too kindly to seeing other cats in a house he is always trying to get into.

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