Old Basements for New.

When I returned to work for this hospital. I was happy that I was freed from the missile silo-esque subterranean office. I am not one to be kept underground for long periods. But one thing about my new position is that I will spend time in a new basement. But at least it is way nicer than the other one. It also has an element of danger to it. Since where I go is Medical Records I have to pull files off the shelves and since they are motorized I can be crushed. I hope they will hear me when I reenact the Trash Compactor scene from Star Wars. Other than that, I am still scared of the job ahead of me. Good news though, some of the training is actually sticking, so I might pull this off.

Well I have to get back to it.


5 Responses to Old Basements for New.

  1. Julie says:

    As long as no stormtroopers are involved, I think you’ll be okay. Do any of your co-workers look like Jabba?

  2. Silliyak says:

    I immediately thought of the tag line “In the basement, no one can hear you scream”

  3. Boski93 says:

    Julie- It should be alright their are no stormtroopers, and no one looks like Jabba, but some around here look like Jawa’s though. In fact one of them tried to pass off a crappy R2 unit on me. Well I have to get up to the Detention Block, somthing about a Wookie going nuts.

    Silly – Scary, but very true.

  4. Silliyak says:

    Also, you can always say you started at the bottom and worked your way up.

  5. Boski93 says:

    But why does it seem like my starting point is Middle Earth?

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