Another busy weekend.

As if it is not busy enough at work, the weekend kept me hopping.

Friday – Took our oldest nephew out again for more high school football. Which is not unusual, but the last time I was at the venue to watch football was 1994. I watched a football game at The Big A. That is right the high school team she supports plays can play their games at this site, mine you would be lucky to fill the Titan Room at the Sizzler in Fullerton. This game was televised! This game was bordering on Texas high school football. The team they played is also the other powerhouse Catholic School in the county. So out seats were close to where my dad’s old Rams season seats were. My wife looked at me funny when I yelled “they are holding Reggie Doss” (Good luck to any of you who can figure out that reference). It was fun expect the bad guys won in overtime. They had not beaten their rival since she was in high school. I can empathize with her, the high school that was the main rival for my high school has been beaten by us since Reagan’s first term. Let me tell you, the day we do, I am getting a TV because I am going looting.

Saturday – Running around helping out the Better Half. She was showing a ceramic piece at a show in the Coastal Table. So it was about getting the piece wrapped up, transfer, getting the stand, museum wax. After all of that and after a quick jaunt to the Costco, we spent the majority of the day standing. From around 4:30 PM till 9:00 PM. The time was mostly about talking to other artists and visitors. Some was just standing, but we had to spend some time keeping people from leaving their drinking on the stand, or toughing the art. Let me say their was woman in her 70’s who was coming close not making it to her 80’s.

Sunday – When I arose my wonderful wife had the inspired idea to see Borat. In a word, awesome. I was both howling in laughter, all the while being incredibly uncomfortable at what I was watching. At the end, I expected that when I walked out that I was going to be in hell, because their were things I laughed at that I felt I should not have. This movie surpassed my expectations. Mr. Cohen, you sir are a genius. So kudos to you.

He had one shot at this and he made the most of it. This is a movie you can’t make a sequel of. You could try, but you would have something that would finally make Caddyshack II feel better about it’s self. This was leaps and bounds funnier than his Ali G movie. Which was funny and I am surprised it was not released here, but it may have been too British centric for an American audience, but what do I know? This movie will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Andy Kaufman is truly dead. This is what I feel that Andy really wanted to do.

Borat is our generations incredibly disturbed de Tocqueville.

Afterwards I spent the afternoon watching football at a bar that did not have DirectTV, so I had to watch Chargers vs Browns, as my Broncos exacted some revenge for last years AFC Championship debacle.

So it was busy but very pleasant weekend. Well I have to get back to it.


2 Responses to Another busy weekend.

  1. Silliyak says:

    Sorry about deleting my first comment. Somehow I edit better AFTER I’ve posted. Basically unintelligible.

    Do NOT TELL me your better half is a ceramic artist. OK, you can, because so is my much better half.(BTW the Valhalla bound boat is not her work) We keep talking about getting her work into a blog of her own.

  2. Boski93 says:

    She does, she hasn’t in a while, but she has been thinking about getting back into it.

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