Halloween 2006

Sadly, I have never really gotten into Halloween. I know I suck. I am not saying I hate it, I just can never get into the spirit of. Never really went to many Halloween parties. And it did not help that I have not had a cool costume in about a bazillion years. I think I pulled off a decent Dieter from Sprockets back in 97. But tonight, the Better Half and I are heading up to my Mom’s to go take my nephews out for trick-a-treating. So that should be fun.

But for those who do love the Holiday, I do have a question. That “taffy” in the black and orange wrappers. Was that ever really meant for consumption, or where those to be chewed and used to seal leaks? I was never sure, but I feel that eating lead paint was probably safer.

Well I have to get back to slog and get some training up in this humpty bumpty. So have a same evening and may all of you get the cool candy bars and not by stuck with the a fore mentioned orange and black nightmare, raisin, or Smarties.


2 Responses to Halloween 2006

  1. Totsie says:

    Pfft, Smarties rock the hizzy.

    You should have seen the glee on my Dad’s face when I would form a pile of raisin boxes, crappy toffee and licorice just for him.

    Cause I wasn’t going to eat that shit.

  2. Boski93 says:

    I think you are right Tot, maybe I was too harsh on Smarties. I think my anger comes from believing that they would make me smarter. I can only imagine your dad’s joy, in fact I got that myself, being the last of five, I was the one left with the wrapers, and crappy candy.

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