Changes afoot.

Hello kids, hope your weekend was nice, mine was until Payton Manning made me cry. I hate you Peyton Manning, go away. The weather this weekend was delightful. If we can stop the brush fires and the static electicity that come with the Santa Ana winds they would be close to perfect. Those warm winds made it a nice 85 degrees at the beach Saturday. Me and the wife went down to the shore and just took huge huffs the geourgoues views.

Also I got to see my nephew Friday night, we took him to a high school football game. My wife went to the Sister School of this high school and she will cut you went it come to this high school football team. Good for her, since my school is not a football power, well they are now 10th in Orange County, but I am not keeping track.

Oh I did not injure anyone at my roto hoops draft. Well I did steal some players away from a couple of the owners. I built a team that will be strong, till December.

But enough of that, time to talk of the changes afoot. Well last week my supervisor brought me into her office and let me know that someone was leaving, and it was not me (YEAH!). The department is losing someone. They are taking a new position outside the hospital. So they asked me, since the chimp declined, to learn their job. So I think this may mean I might be (Cue the dramatic music!) hired on full time. Which I have not been, since January of 2005, when the nice people at American Healthways told me to suck it, because they could not justify my job any longer. So the next few weeks I will see if I have the mettle for this job. Will this job make me happy? I do not know, there are things that drive me nuts, but the people are great and I really need to get myself settled somewhere and stop be such a derelict of dialect. I have to make some scratch and I also really need to challenge myself.

So stay tuned……


4 Responses to Changes afoot.

  1. Silliyak says:

    Good luck!

  2. Eric says:

    Good luck to you, fine sir!

  3. Julie says:

    Break legs!

  4. Boski93 says:

    Thank you Eric, Silly and the “Knit One, Pearl Two Assassin. I will need it. Right now I feel like Marvis Frazier when he found out he was fighting “that” Mike Tyson.

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