Do you even beleive anything you say?

Bush unsatisfied with Iraq war progress

WTF took you so long to figure this out. Seriously Yale should be kicked out the Ivy League for having this guy even “attend” their university.

Oh but we are winning our president says so. Mr. Bush I would love to see that world. Can I get there without the use of hallucinogenics or severe head trauma. The world you see must be swell, since you are not looking at the real world.

But hey there is a war you are winning. No, it is not Iraq, drugs, or even poverty. No you are winning that war vs. the Constitution. One day soon you have it down to just the 2nd amendment and some old Family Circus cartoons.

Speaking of the Constitution, I actually carry a very small copy of it with me. I do it because I like being able to look at it and remember the good times. Back when there was a system of checks and balances.

Oh those were the days.


4 Responses to Do you even beleive anything you say?

  1. Silliyak says:

    The good news is that your pocket version, if kept up to date, should be taking less room in your pocket!

  2. Boski93 says:

    Yes, at this rate it will be a 3×5 card.

  3. Totsie says:

    Collect 8 Subway stamps on it for a free footlong.

  4. Boski93 says:


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