Back to the salt mine.

Monday has come again, so that means the work week begins.

Such a shame that work always has to ruin the weekends. Well our trip to San Simeon was a smashing success. Right now team Boski is working on the photos right now. So that I can then deliver them to you the blogging audience. But the trip did what I hoped it would do. It made my mom so happy. She had a wonderful time and loved going to Hearst Castle more than she had expected. It make me feel great beyond comprehension that she felt that way. For me it was one of those moments that made me feel like an adult. Like your first professional job, first business card, first home, marriage, first Conrad Bain reference. That here I was doing something (with a ton of help from the Better Half) for my Mom, something more than an elementary school card. This was something she had always wanted to do. She grew up hearing about Hearst and Hearst Castle she wanted to see it. And now she is getting to do it. I can’t describe how happy I felt to see her so happy. It was like I would be on a Christmas morning, without the yelling and running around the house. I am glad we did this, even though I feel I owe her about million more trips like this, as repayment her for all the love and support she has given me and the Better Half.

I will give a quick summary of the trip.

Friday, packed up the Boski Mobile and traveled to get my Mom, from Casa de Boski on the Placentia Riveria. From there we zipped through the remaining flotsam and jetsam of the rush hour traffic. Drove up the coast on 101. Man it was glorious day. We took my Mom to Solvang to grab lunch and take a look around. Solvang is where you get your small windmill fix when in California. It a quaint little tourist town. Plenty of Nordic nicknack’s and brickebrak. It was nice, it was good to walk around in the sun, on a warm October Day. Nothing like temps in high 80’s in October. When we finished we sped up the coast till we got to Cambria and checked into our rooms. Which was awesome. Open the sliding glass door and boom their is the ocean about 200 feet away. We unpacked and walked around the beach for a little while. Later we had a wonderful meal at a great place in Cambria called the Brambles. It reminded me that I think Rib Eye is my favorite cut of meat. After dinner took my mom around to the shops. I almost bought a complete set of World League of American Football. Damn I need my Stan Gelbach, the greatest QB ever for the London Monarchs. When we got back the Better Half and I took a lovely walk under the stars. Looking up at the night sky when you not in a city is the difference between addition and subtraction compared to quantum psychics. Being able to go to sleep with the sound of the ocean is quiet relaxing.

Saturday – Got up early and found out I have a new talent. I can make Belgian Waffles. The hotel had a station for the guest to make them and let me tell you, I made the hell out them. After that we walked out toward the beach and watched the surfers along with being accosted by the squirrels who where out in force. They look cute, but I felt that they were going to take my wallet. Oh no, I just lost my job blogging for Fox. We hopped into the car and drove up a couple of miles to the Castle. I had some expectations, I know they place was nice and it was something to see, but when that bus started up the hill. All my expectations of the architecture and artifacts were dwarfed by the reality. I have to show the pictures of what I say, since any words I have would pale in comparison to it. Let’s say my mouth was agape the entire time. I almost swallowed a bat. In fact, I did have to pick it up when we got to the in-door pool. After a couple of hours of awesome, we took a side trip to look at some nature. We drove up further to check the juvenile elephant seals on the beach. It was fascinating just watching them lying there and seeing them frolic. Yes, I used the work frolicked. Then after a nice lunch we came back to the room. Where I found out the Bruins lost in the last minute. A game they freaking had and pooof! It was gone. Karl, Karl, Karl, come on now. To get my mind off that I took a walk on the beach with the wife as my mom got some rest. Even though it was cloudy and cool, it was still so relaxing walking along. After our walk was done, we got ready to go back to the Hearst Castle for the night tour, and it was amazing. I have to show some of the 200 pictures we took of the Castle, about 150 of where me taking pictures like crazy, which means a lot did not come out. But there a few that are spectacular. On our way back we could not stop in our amazement of what we saw. It was a perfect Non White Sox, Bronco, Bruin, Kings, Lakers, etc winning kind of day. I saw history, viewed beauty, and had sent time with the people I love. When we got back to the room, I think as a make good on the Bruins losing, the fates had stepped in. I was flipping through the channels when I came across the local PBS channel and they were showing The Western Tradition, with Dr. Eugene Weber. I sat there and watched two episodes of it. I went from the fall of the Western empire and the rise of the Byzantines, to the rise of Islam and the schism between Constantinople and Rome. You know history nerd kind of stuff.

Sunday – After making the hell out the waffles for my mom and my wife we took one last walk on the beach. Oh, before that I have to say to the people in room 106 of the Pelican Cove Hotel, you can suck it. We were not loud and you are high on crack. I hope you all had a miserable day. We got in the car and headed back home. On our way we did make a stop in Santa Barbra and after just being there for only a short time. I know see what people like it here. We took my mom to a garden and then we had some tacos of the highest quality. A little taco stand that Julie Child’s called the best. I still can’t see her ordering tacos, but after tasting them, it makes total sense. But after lunch we finished the last leg of the trip and delivered my mom home safely. Just like the Broncos delivering another victory. One of the few games I picked right this weekend.

Well I have blabbed and blabbed. Thank you for stopping by this time share presentation now please fill out the surveys and sign over your lives.


2 Responses to Back to the salt mine.

  1. Silliyak says:

    I may have to copy your pics of San Simeon and the seals. MY better half and I took the train from the north. Heading back, feelig a bit bored my BH decided to delete the bad pics. Oops, she deleted ALL the pics. As George Costanza might say “I’ve got HAND, BABY!”

  2. Boski93 says:

    No problem.

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