So is this rock bottom.

I have a feel that the passing of Military Commission Act or the Enabling Act II Electric Bugaloo. I am not one for the whole Bush/Hitler thing, (Oh since I mentioned Hitler I wonder if my blog will be on the History Channel?) But this Military Commission Act is a lit fuse on a keg of TNT that the Constitution is strapped to. Sadly I think the fuse might be very short, since the Supreme Court will probably let is go since the one vote that stopped it last time, Justice Kennedy stated if Bush could get it passed again then he would most likely vote for it.

So Habeas Corpus is dead. And anyone who opposes the Administration could be off to Gitmo soon. I know am being dramatic, and they can’t imprison all of us yet. But since the elections of 2000 I feel that anything can happen, well anything bad can happen.

So what did most of this country do when this was going on. Were we writing letter, protesting, flooding our representative phone lines with calls of concerns? Nope, too many of this nation just did not care. Again people don’t mind giving away others rights.

Well I should read up on Cuba, get some sun screen (that is if they let me out of a cell) and some water wings for all that fun non-torturous water boarding. I know I should not kid about this, but as absurd at it is, I must dish up some absurd to keep me from going nuts.


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