Catchung up from the Weekend.

I had something for you yesterday, but this time by computer went nuts and lost it, kinda like Dennis Green. Man the man upstairs must really hate the Cardinals.

But let’s see how I did on that check list:

Watched baseball – Half Check – Not as much as I thought. I only caught Friday night game.I didn’t try to watch the A’s get their hearts stepped on. As much as I try I can’t get into the Mets/Cardinals.

Got tasty treats – Check – On Friday night we went to an open house/ customer survey for a small but kick ass bakery. (Blackmarket Bakery)

Watched College Football – Check – Got in a couple of hours of college gridiron watching.

Go to a Wedding – Check – It was a funky wedding. We love the people who got hitched, but there were some guest there who were trying way to hard to be cool. Yeah I talking to you Steve O look alike in the suit with the white belt and shoes, who the hell do you think you are an edgy Herb Tarlick? That tops the Beck-look-alike and the guy with the fro’. There were too many emo’s for my taste. But it was a pretty outdoor ceremony that was cold, well cold for Southern Californians. In fact I had to get the blanket from the car so we did not freeze at dinner. Also one last note, the toast for groom is not the best time to bring up any issue he may have had with inconstancy, just a thought. But it was fun and they served some nice Belgian Framboise. It like having beer and punch, but not disgusting.

Chat with out adorable stalker – No Check – He had other things going on, like a couple of serious naps.

Crank call Billy Squire – Check – Done and done. Next up Peter Cetera.

Accept Nobel for my new theory on William Henry Harrison – No Check – I am waiting you herring breathed bastards!

Making Diorama of the last episode of Barney Miller, out of butter – No Check – It started off well, but ended up more looking like spin off series Fish did.

Watch Pro Football – Check – Some of my viewing was interrupted by social engagements, but at both I was able to watch some and at the same time enjoy some wonderful company. In the morning, we met with some of my wife high school friends at Chevy’s, which in the man opinion sucks ass. Just eat the chips folks. In the evening, we meet up with member of my family. And it is always good to catch up with them.

Win the World Series of Ken0 – No Check – Oh man I was so tantalizingly close. I had the title in my hands when one small problem arose that cost me the glory. There is no World Series of Keno. I wished someone had told me.

Relax with my wonderful wife – Check and double check – Now we have to get geared up for next weekend when we take my mom up to Hearst Castle for her 70th.

So all in all I will chalk this weekend up as a success.


2 Responses to Catchung up from the Weekend.

  1. Silliyak says:

    And NO m-i-l. So right there you have something going.

  2. Boski93 says:

    Indeed it was.

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