Tuesday Tidbits

We live in a great country. It is a place where a company will pay a couple of guys $1.65 Billion for something they really do not own. But as long as they keep the the hits coming I should not question anything.

Well it looks like Kim is not going to get go to Camp David. Hey I have not heard anyone blame the Clinton’s for North Korea. Oh wait here we go. Wow, just when I thought I could have even less respect for McCain he goes and shows me. Go suck it Mr. McCain. You are now becoming a lap dog for a man who dragged you through the mud. Just so you can make a run for the White House. Well, right now if there is justice and God. You will get Bush’s endorsement as his approval rating hovers around 16%.

Another case of Republicans eating themselves? Looks like it. So someone may have known about this since 2001. Great. Speaking of the Foley Scandal. Which is now in the top 10 of Washington scandals. My Fav is the Teapot Dome Scandal. They just don’t make them like that anymore. Wait since that happened in Wyoming in the 20’s, so Darth Caney had to have something to do with it. Oh, I am getting sidetracked again. Hey Senator Bratwurst you say you will can anyone you find that knew about this and didn’t come forward. So we should expect you to turn in your resignation this week or next?

I am happy to see that the polls are showing the G.O.P is sucking ass. But I worry that they will get back into power in the not so distance future, because they are leaving such a mess that people may shoot the messenger when they find out that our treasury, economy, education, infrastructure, environment and I could go on and on is in the crapper. They will try to spin it that this didn’t happen while we were running things. I would hope that America would not fall for that, that it would grit it’s teeth and work to fix it. But there are too many out there who vote for “American Idol” and I think they could be swayed to do whatever by some shiny objects.

Don’t mess with Babs, she will cut you.

Is this why it take forever to get a pot hole filled?

So it looks like King George has come to his senses, for the moment. I wished he had done it and just gone nuts. Fire everyone and overpay for stiffs, just like the 80’s. Yo A-Rod I would start boxing things up.

Rats, the ways things are going I would have voted for them on the Truthiness Ticket.

Please sit relax and have a Fresca.


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