Not what you want to see when you pick up the paper.

North Korea Declares Nuclear Test

So Mr. Bush we are all safer with you in the White House. I am just waiting for you and your cronies to blame Clinton and the Democrats for the North Korean actions.

So let us look at the score card. Axis of Evil you have warned us about has now become a reality.

Iraq – did not have WMD’s but now has become a Civil War. This blood bath has now become the new Club Med for terrorist. Since we “cleaned up” Afghanistan so it was not the terrorist training ground it had been since the Soviet Invasion, oh that’s right things are now sliding back to the Taliban. Hmmmm.

Iran – Since we unilaterally went put troops on both sides of Iran, and we have done little to work with Iran. We have given the wackos there the prefect situation to start up their nuclear weapons programs. I am sorry I have no faith in the leadership of Iran. They are on the path to making weapons. But since we have screwed things up we have put ourselves in a horrible bargaining position to find a solution to the situation. And if we think we can bomb or invade Iran right now, and that it will be no sweat. Well we will be wrong. It would make the Donner Party’s decision to cross the Sierra’s in winter look inspired. Let’s see what would happen to the world economy then, when oil shoots to about $500 a barrel. How are we coming with breaking the oil dependency Mr. Bush? Ah hell Bush and his cronies can afford it, but the rest of the world can’t. We will have ourselves a World Wide Depression that will make the last one look like a cocktail party. Even at our best going into Iran would not be easy. Doing it now considering our troops have been stretched out and abused for the past 4 years would be a complete and total disaster. All it would do is kill more people and motivate more Muslims to take up arms. You are uniter, Mr. Bush. A uniter through and through.

That leads us to

North Korea – who has the bomb, or at least the material to make a a few bombs. They may not be able to deliver it, but give them time. They are hell bent in not backing down. Their madman has starved and brutalised his cult of personality captives. But since they are strapped for cash they can have a bake sale, some cookies or some yellow cake uranium. You know to pay the bills, or maybe get some missile technology. China is scared of the collapse of North Korea and the chaos it would cause for them. They have tried to manage what I feel is their proxy. There hope, again my opinion was to use the North to lower or even remove the U.S. presence, on the Korea peninsula. All the while looking like heroes if they could negotiate a settlement between the two. I think China is genuinely surprised and angered by this, they underestimated Kim. If China can’t reel him in, then the chance of Kim going off the reservation grows. And if there is war or collapse of the Kim government then China has a mess on its doorstep. And it could get very ugly. But if the North develops weapons it can deliver, then weapons proliferation will spread through the region. The Japanese will develop nukes, then South Koreans. Add that with China’s and Russia’s arsenals and you have a whole lot of bad in the area. Also who says that Taiwan will try to get the bomb, and we know how much that would please China.

But Mr. Bush there is good news today, from the North Koreans test. They still have people who are even more batshit crazy than your group. So could we settle this with a Vermont Teddy Bear?

Sorry for the long winded and bizarre diatribe and probably misinformed information. Now back to the whimsy.


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