Great, I now have to call IT.

I was just working away. Listening to Launch on Yahoo. Nothing out of the ordinary. When it happened. I got a computer virus. They played K-Fed.

How am I going to explain this to IT? Maybe I will just put on the Help Desk ticket that it is circus midget porn, or something.

How could Launch do this? I mean seriously. I thought there were firewalls to protect against this. Man, I think they could have at least give me warning.

I know you think I am exaggerating but in just a short time I have run into the following problems with this computer:

There is now a lit cigarette hanging out of the disk drive.

It’s mooching off the server.

It now reeks like a bag of Cheetos.

The keyboard is not sporting rings.

It is also leaking Mountain Dew. (I hope to god that it’s Mountain Dew)

Every time I try to do work, it goes into sleep mode.

The fax machine and printer are now pregnant.

So thanks Launch, thanks a lot.

Oh wait, I think I may be able to fix this. I may be able to clean this machine if I wave an employment application in front of it. That will either clean it, or destroy it.

Wish me luck


2 Responses to Great, I now have to call IT.

  1. BubbaRayGracie says:

    I used to be so excited about the future. I thought we’d all be driving around in flying cars or be able to teleport and stuff, but the grim reality of things like this K-Fed virus are most dissapointing to me. We must rebel against the machines.

  2. Boski93 says:

    Hell yeah we do!

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