Wow that sounds like a great idea,

since we have done such a great job in Afghanistan. So Mr. Fistindanuts, I mean Frist, you want to to negotiate with the Taliban. Have them join the government since you feel, ” the Afghan war against Taliban guerrillas can never be won militarily and urged support for efforts to bring “people who call themselves Taliban” and their allies into the government.” (Houston Chronicle)

Hmm that sounds like cut and run to me. Maybe just maybe this would have not been a problem if we had finished the job before got into the Iraq.

Speaking of Iraq, sound like things are going so well there. Screw the Intelligence reports that are saying that our presence there is a “cause celeb” for the terrorist. Yep, sure makes me feel safer. Know that we are helping to developing more terrorist.

Also can anyone tell me where I send flowers to for the passing of the Constitution. Last week the passing of the what I like say is the “Torture is Okay and to Hell with Habeas Corpus Bill”. Again Mr. McCain, I have lost any remain respect I had for you. We have given the administration a free pass on all the laws it broke before this. Even though the bill says we will not use overly coercive methods and we will adhere to the Geneva Convention. What the bill means is that if they have or don’t there is not a damn thing anyone can do a damn thing about it. Also that the president or whom he chooses could have people detained if they are deemed an “enemy combatant”. Well Boski we are fighting the terrorist and wouldn’t you want those who want to harm us captured. Yes, yes, I would, but not at the cost of the Constitution. This article from NPR is what makes me scared. It is how the terms they use are very vague and they have not been afraid to interrupt them broadly. I fear the worst case scenario that people who just are anti-Bush could be picked up and not heard from again. I know it is very extreme, but the way things have been going, I can see it happening. Again that is just my paranoid rambling, and I hope I am wrong.

Now it looks like the G.O.P. is protecting the Mr. Feeley, I mean Foley. Great job Cardinal Law, oh I mean Senator Hastert. I have a feeling that many in the leadership did know and because they want to maintain power they were willing to overlook it. Now Foley is saying he was molested as a teen and he has a drinking problem. Sadly this seems more like him coping out to his crime and covering his G.O.P buddies asses. 99.999999% the time we look at those who commit these kind of crimes as scum. That they need to be locked away. If he is suffering from alcoholism and was abused I do hope he finds answers and some kind of resolution, but he needs to do time and be stripped of his pension and benefits. Since a postman with 19 years or so, could have his taken away for a felony. Why should Mr. Foley be different. Just because he a senator he is above that. That is another thing that is really messed up.

Party of values you say. I say bullshit.

Sorry for the angry rambling post but had to get it out.


One Response to Wow that sounds like a great idea,

  1. silliyak says:

    You’re officially hired as my canary. If you disappear, I’m gong into hiding. Not that I have anything to be worried about.

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