Tuesday’s musings.

I must say that tacos, beer and football are a great way to spend a Monday night. Now they only thing that sucked was the freaking Packers could not punch it in from the 1. That little blunder kept me from winning my wife’s office pool you stinking cheeseheads!

Last night I found out what the most dangerous thing is on this earth. It is not the terrorist, Iran, Kim Jong Il, toxic waste, or Global Warming . It is Hillbillies/White Trash Celebs, with crazy amounts of money. Made the mistake of watching the House of Carters. Holy crap that was beyond a car wreck. It made any Real World/Road Rules Challenge look like a Joe Orton play. Knowing these guys have a ton of money, scares the bejebus out of me. Anna Nicole has more money than sense. And as we can see things are going swimmingly. So she loses a son, gives birth to another and now we have two people fighting to be baby daddy. That equation adds up to ridiculous. With all of that going on, I can only imagine what is going on at the Sperderline compound. We all know they are breeding a hillbilly army, intent on either overthrowing the government. Either that or preparing the next wave of reality TV shows. I would not be surprised if they were building a Nuclear Cheeto to bring about their tacky military junta. Look we already know they have been working on WMD’s. Look they did Chaotic and let us not forget K-Fed’s contribution to music. Let me say if that was made back in the 70’s. It would have violated SALT I.

This morning I now feel the effects of not sleeping the other night. Oh and the best part is I got myself a nice shiny cold for it.

Anyone else here hoping that Clemens did use steroids? Yeah, me too.

Hmmm, I wonder if they had trotted this out during the 80’s. How many professional athletes could they have gotten to huckster this. Can’t you just see L.T., Michael Rey Richardson, The Perez Brothers, most of the 86 Mets and so on. (Thanks to Fark)

To support my earlier comment, just imagine if this woman had crazy money. Did the North really win the Civil War? I mean, couldn’t they have let some of the states go off on their own, especially Florida, where this woman is from. Just look at the damage done to the country because of Florida. (Thanks again Fark)

Oh George Michael not again. They going to fire you from the Sports Machine. Oh wait wrong one. George at this time blame all on Andrew. He has always been jealous of you.


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