Gawking at the Getty.

That is how I spent my Saturday. I was up there with the Better Half for an Alum event for the Better Half. Which is something I wish my school would do, but I know the best I should expect is lunch at the Del Taco on Placentia Blvd. I know I take shots at my University, but I do know that along with quality affordable education and the AA quality baseball. That Cal State Fullerton offers something that I puts my mind at easy. I enjoy the fact that if I was ever to go missing. I have instructed my family to let the Alumni Association know that I had a check for them. They will find me. Lets just say if I was on the plane that crashed in the Andes there would have been no cannibalism. The Alumni Association would have been out there before the plane crashed. I think we would have found Bin Laden in 10 minutes if we told them he had a check for $50. They would have found him in 5, if it was bigger. Right now I worry that by typing this they will show up at lunch hitting me up.

I truly enjoy going to the Getty and as I have mentioned that this is what I hope I see when I go to the great sportsbook in the sky.

But during our wonderful architecture tour found out that we could get tickets to the re-opened Getty Villa.

Hey I am sucker for Roman and Greek antiquities. So we got tickets for early December. I am glad we are going sooner than later. Before the ill-gotten loot is forcible returned. . .er I mean the collections are returned to their owners.

I had a better entry yesterday, but Blogger got pissed at me for yelling at it for being an ass along with YouTube, but I always love


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