Do you know what is the wrong way to start a work week?

That’s right, getting no sleep.

As the weekend was ending, and I was making the attempt to sleep last evening I ran into a slight problem. I couldn’t. My allergies/cold/demonic possession by Calvin Coolidge decided to show up late last evening and make sleep allusive. I am not going to say it was beauty rest since I would need to sleep till 2028, but I still need to get 40 winks.

I was not sneezing or hacking too much, but I was wheezing. My poor wife had to put on ear plugs and then the rest of the night I was trying my best to breath normally. So I laid there and tried to breath deep breaths, which ended up being tougher than I hoped, and louder than I wished. So I retreated to the couch out in the front room and spent the rest of the night. As hard as I tried I could not just relax and sleep. During the night I became paranoid that since I was clogged up in my head and chest my mind was spinning in a thousand different direction. Was I now going to be afflicted with sleep apena, the plague, or was I choking on a bad Gilded Age reference I had made. I just got so worked up about it I could not relax. At time I must have sounded like a bagpipe it it was being kicked. I just wanted to breath normally and get oxygen into to me. It did not matter if it got to my brain since that would have been a waste of good air. I just wanted the other organs to be getting enough.

So when I “awoke” this morning, I had about a total of 18 minutes of sleep. That is being very generous. It did not get any better this morning after taking my Claritin, I still did not feel right. When I took a walk this morning, I was hoping that it would loosen it all up and maybe get me feeling better. All it did was allowed me to do some coughing and wheezing through are neighborhood. I think it was at it’s worst when I walked into the office. I just could not get deep breaths and it was not pleasant. But not to fear, as you can see I am not dying since I am still typing, but it really sucked ass though. I am just trying to limp through the rest of this day. The only thing worse than this were my football picks. Check them out get a laugh.


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