Before I get started about the weekend

I need to talk about a tragedy that befell me.

A moment that is equal to driving hours to see Santa, only to see him get shot by the Easter Bunny. Then finding out that the only reason Easter Bunny shot Santa, was he was forced to by the Tooth Fairy. Who had him strung out on H, all the while making snuff films.

The Bun Boy in Baker is closing.

I never thought I would type those words. Very soon people who drive the 15 will never have the opportunity to see this:

Sadly Baker and the rest of the region that is the Gateway to Death Valley will now be Mad Greek Country from this point on. The Bun Boy will be replaced by this character.

It is just not the same, it will never be the same. When I was a younger man I remember a good friend of mine who I worked with at Disney. My man Erk, is Mr. Vegas, and I watched him one night talk to another former Mouse worker talking about Vegas. They spun many a wonderful tale of that magical town. In their telling of these tales, they spoke of Baker, and the Bun Boy. I found out that it had burned down, this place was like the Phoenix and it rose from the ashes!!! A couple of months later I made my first trip to Vegas. That trip was my first entry to Bun Boy Country. When I saw the thermometer, and saw the restaurant sitting under it’s shadow. It hit me. This place was going to be a joke that I was going to run into the ground. Sadly the joke only lasted 12 years. But in those 12 years I did make stops at the Bun Boy.

I will miss it all.

I will miss the placemats. How in the hell will ever find the Furnace Creek Golf Course? I want to know where I can go suffer sun stroke while golfing.

I miss the exchange of cash on bets on what the temp reading will be on the Big Thermometer. I had not won since 1996. This last weekend I lost twice to the Better Half.

I will miss the miniature ketchup and mustard you used to get.

I will miss the frying pan in the restaurant showing you the temp is out on the pavement

I will miss watching the traffic roll along I-15

I will miss the Bun Boy Hotel. A no tell motel, that I have never spent any time at, but I will miss it.

I will miss the Bun Boy Gift Shop. They will have to rip my Bun Boy T-Shirt off my dead cold body.

What I will miss the most is not using the city of Baker for my fantasy sports teams. I even took the time to make a logo for one of those teams. Thanks to my love of the Gateway to Death Valley, I was able to make a fantasy football league change all the team names, to sites along I-15 (The Mad Greeks, Calico Ghost Town, the Jean Splicers and another favorite the Pahrump Shakers). All of this was apart of my master plan to bring major sport franchises to the 383,214th largest sports market. Well I wasted $500 bucks trying grease the skids to get the environmental impact report on the future Bun Boy Sports Complex thru the red tape.

The Better Half and I sat, this past Saturday morning, shocked, stunned and sadden to know that the Bun Boy was going away. It was like a part of my childhood was eaten by a cougar, but not as cool.


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