Road Trip

Roadie to Vegas!!!!

Next stop the Bun Boy restaurant in Baker.

Okay I should not get too revved up. This is close to being a turnaround trip. Were going out to witness Neck Car Truck racing, this is for the BH’s work, long story. We’re being treated to witness the event, so why not.

Even though we are not staying at a casino, I do not care. Since before last December it had been seven years in between visits. So when the opportunity arises I am taking it. So, I will be up very early on Saturday and driving back early Sunday. I will not have the opportunity to do what I really love doing in Vegas in the Fall. Watching football. I can sit in a sportsbook from Saturday morning till the final game on Sunday. Outside of sleep and bathroom breaks I could so do it. This trip I will try to actually do some gambling at the tables. We will see how bad I really am at Black Jack, then I will then go shame myself at the Craps table.


2 Responses to Road Trip

  1. dantobindantobin says:

    Say hi to the world’s biggest thermometer for me.

  2. Boski93 says:

    I most certainly will sir. You can bet on that. In fact that will be the first bet put down by me and the Better Half. Who ever can guess the temp without going over wins a whole dollar. I know very Duke Brothers of us.

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