Mr. Chavez

I would like to take umbrage with your comments yesterday at the U.N..

Mr. Bush is not the devil.

Dick Cheney is, you moron. The devil as bad as he is, has a brain and just wants to be a dick. Mr. Bush is more a dumber and less imposing version of Biff from Back to Future.

I am not the biggest fan of Mr. Chavez. I respect that he wants to help his country by staking its own path. So far he has been able to get some things done with his social programs. Time will be the true test to see if this will work. Those programs, ironically are funded mostly by U.S. dollars. Since he has oil and we are still dependent on it. He is a man who has the support of his people who have elected him, so he should lead how he see fit for his nation. Yes I know he has tinkered with the courts and made things difficult for the opposition parities, to which I say BOOOO, but he is in charge and till that is changed by the people of Venezuela then we have to accept it. I am also not for his stoking of flames, in the region and the world. I know he is angry and wouldn’t you be if you felt a country was out to kill you. I know the bombastic lashing out does win him support at home and through the world, but I don’t think it is constructive for the long term. Chavez wants to stir things up not because he is not a fan of the U.S., but it he want to drive up the oil market. Any fears or doubts he can raise. He can generate more cash. He wants to stop selling to the U.S. and find other markets he could sell. An example of this is that he wants to sell to China. But to sell and deliver to China, Venezuela has to do it at a higher cost to themselves. So this will lead to less money for Chavez’s social programs. So if the market was higher, Venezuela would be better off. (thanks NPR, I hope I got that all right, if not I am sorry and if you do know please let me know where I went wrong). If he can do that successfully for the long term and not be dependent on U.S. money then he would be very happy.

Lastly, I wished his anger at the U.S. would have lead to him recalling Twins pitchers Johann Santana. That bastard has been carrying the Twins past the White Sox. I also wish he would have also recalled Freddie Garcia for most of this season as well.

I will say next to Kruschev’s shoe pounding, the day the ran out of hot dogs at the cafeteria (due to Boutros Boutros Ghali having the munchies after baking on the herb) and lest us not forget the Bingo incident of 1983. It has been a contentious couple of days at the old U.N.

Okay that is all I have your today. I hope I have not made myself look like a complete boob on this.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Boobs? Boobs? Where? Nothing wrong with boobs I say!

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