Keith speaking the Truth

I am late on this and this is another show I need to watch. But thank god for You Tube.
It sends chills down my spine on actions of this administration is taking all in the name of keeping us safe. Im sorry but the these actions make us no better than those we fight. If we are for freedom, democracy and rule of law then we must make our actions speak louder than our words. I want my government to do its job in protecting this country, but also protecting the rights we hold so dear. So I am not down with, “oh I will give up some of my freedoms for security.” B.S. People say that because it is so easy to surrender someone elses rights before your own.

Also I want to thank “You Should Have Asked Me” for posting this.

P.S. Keith wasn’t just yesterday that you were doing sports out in LA on KTLA Channel 5.


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