The dream ended this weekend.

Sadly I have to say the we are not going to have a repeat of last fall wonderful adventure known as White Sox Playoff Baseball. That dream bit the big one this weekend. The time of death could be pinpointed to the 7th inning of Saturdays game in which the White Sox found that playing baseball with you hands around your neck is very difficult. It did not help seeing Frank Thomas beating the jebus out of us. Oh the irony. Frank, I know one day I will welcome you back into the White Sox family, but this little stunt is going to delay that for a little longer.

I know I should be very happy about what I witnessed last year, but I am going to be a whinny brat about it. This season was tough. I could have handled this better if this team had sucked from the start or if there were injuries. Nope they had to show at times that they were better than last years team. Oh was I drunk on White Sox glory back in May, during my trip back there. Oh those were the salad days of the 2006 season. This team ran off some great streaks and played some wonderful baseball. Sadly it was done the same time the Tigers were playing on the sun. Now as they scuffle, the Sox are just taking on water. All the while the f’ing Twins swoop in and are going to steal this thing. I hate those guys. For the last three months this team just has not had consistency from all the phases of the game. Pitching, hitting and defense never click all together for all extended period of time this year. There performance has been as shaky as Kate Hepburn after a couple cans of Jolt Cola. So as you can see I am kinda going through the winning DT’s right now. So it is time to look to football to help get through and also hide from baseball if we are subjected to another Mets/Yankees Series. I will take one, not both.

Thankfully the Broncos got an Elam 3 run homer in extra inning to beat the Royals . . . er Chiefs. 9-3 that would have gotten you thrown out of the AFL.

I plan to give the White Sox a better requiem, I just don’t have the energy to give it right now.


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