Ah the weekend has come just in time.

Still sleepy.

Sorry I have not bombarded you with nonsense, I have been busy with work. Also since I am still in the Dark Ages at home, I get my blogging done here at work.

So what have I been up to?

Wednseday, did a half a day at the office because I was off to one of the greatest things ever invented, day baseball. Sitting in the sun, not being at work and watching baseball that is a tough hand to beat. The day was made so much nicer with the Twins losing, the Sox snapping out of their truly offensive offensive slump, and seeing Freddy Garcia dealing. Damn you Adam Kennedy. Thanks for ending the perfect game bid in the 8th with 2 outs! I was four outs away from being the third Boski to witness a no hitter. But I did achieve something during the game that I have never done in all the years I have gone to baseball games, which is about 120 or so games. No, it was not getting one of the Inflatable Usher Beaters (Large inflatable bat) and chasing the ushers around the rows. One day I will, one day. I finally caught a foul ball. As the years go by, I will re-tell it as me catching a Jim Thome wicked line drive. A ball hit so hard, that I caught three inning before he hit it and doing with one hand. All the while, saving a bus full of children. For which I got a 25 minutes standing O for it. But the truth is it was screaming line drive, but it hit two rows ahead of me. A gentleman in that row missed it and hit arm rest of his seat and just floated back right to me. Right over the head of a whinny kid. Who did not deserve the ball. It was so easy. The seat absorbed all the force (in fact the ball has a gouge in it), making it pillow soft to catch. Right now I am looking at that ball right now.

So after three hours in the sun, a 9-0 win, a couple of autographs, and the satisfaction on seeing the Sox trying to get back in to race. It was what days should be, seeing my team win, driving enjoying the nice weather. Driving with the windows down cranking the tunes. Tunes like this one (man I miss those guys). I was having such a good day that I stopped in on a old friend, my man Jonsey. Who we had not seeing in way too long. This time of the year the man busy since he the Head Coach at a JC. We caught him as he was finishing up practice and got a chance to do a little catch up. It was great to see him and see the hard work he has done coming to fruition. His program is getting an up grade in facilities, they have been getting better players and winning. So he going to be there awhile and build something. As the Biz Markee once mused in his song “The Vapors”, “Damn it is good to see people up on it”. I am going to try to get out and catch a couple of his games this years.

Yesterday on the other the hand was not. It was a good old fashion harp seal clubbing. I kind was not ready for a project that came down and for the first 4 hours yesterday was just waiting for the, “ah Boski, thanks for your time, but we are going to replace your with a wombat”. Thankfully that did not happen. The rest of the day I was still playing catch up. So that kept you America and parts of Peru from getting the run-on sentences you have come to tolerate.

Well today is also about catch up. Catching up with you the bloggers. Also I need to do my football picks. Not a bad week last week. Check it out here. Yes, I am trying to flog more on my special brand of bizzaroness.


One Response to Ah the weekend has come just in time.

  1. Eric says:

    There really is no better sporting event than an afternoon ball game. Glad you were able to get a ball – a privilege I have never had (fuck the whiny kids)

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