Yawn, sleepy

Hello kids, I am back here just slaving away. I am tired this morning. Was up late. First it was catching the White Sox hold on and win a close one at the Big A. In a omen that I hope bodes well for the near future. Last night was the first time since May that they have won a game all season in which they have scored less than 4 runs. It was like it 2005 all over again.

After the game we hung out by the player exit. We did because, why the hell not. We weren’t looking for them to sign anything, just wanted to see the players and how to say hello to the great former slugging lefthanded hitting DH now greatest first base coach in MLB . So after about 45 minutes, we saw a large number of plays roll out. As things were pettering out we decided to take off. We had thought about going over to the sports bar near the Stadium which players from team have to gone from time to time, but decided not to. We started out for the homestead when we spied Ozzie and most of the coaching staff jumping into a vehicle and heading off. The Better Half and I were trying to figure out where they went. Team Boski racked it’s collective brains and we had nothing. That was until we got home. I pulled out the media guide and saw where they were staying. Which was not too far, so we headed over to check it out. When we arrived, we walked in saw about 8 players and a few coaches. So what did we do, we sat down, grabbed a couple of drinks and relaxed. We were not going to bother then. We just wanted to watch the White Sox in the wild. At no point was I going to go all Steve Irwin (god bless his dingo soul) and wrestle bench coach Tim Raines to the ground and yell, “crikey he’s a ripper”. It was just nice just chilling . I know it is strange but that is what I did last night and also why my wife kicks ass. She is the one who thought of it.

So all of that was so worth being up late.


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