I am just sitting working in between my slacking off.

That sums up this Friday. Just plugging along. Right now I am just waiting to get home and start the weekend and usher in the football watching. Like last night, which was nice. I had my Wahoo’s Combo #2 and a Pacifico and after 30 minutes I was yelling at the TV just like it was mid-season.

That is the thing about football. I can get into almost any game. I find that harder with baseball at times. Sure with the White Sox, I can get focused, but any random game, not so much. Except maybe October baseball, that is an entirely different animal all together.

Got things to do this weekend, but I just don’t know what they are at the moment. It could range from going up to LA County Fair to watching UCLA beat up on a starch (Rice). Maybe it will be work in the yard, or just a whole lot of nothing. I am leaving it to the four winds.


3 Responses to I am just sitting working in between my slacking off.

  1. silliyak says:

    Try stocking your lake! (Avoid the previously mentioned brown trout however)

    Hey!The Raiders have finally achieved some consistency, now they are a sellout in the stands as well as on the field.

  2. Boski93 says:

    Sadly, the lake got a better offer and left us. And to think all that we did for it.

  3. silliyak says:

    You let another one slip thru your fingers!

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