It starts tonight.

Football, glorious football. (Don’t give me that look, I told you there will still be sports here)

I am so ready for it. Last night drafted another fantasy team so I have now 3 teams to monitor. How am I going to get work done?

Tonight it is Fish at Steelers. The line is Pitt – 1.5

As much as I keep hearing about the Fins. I am still not sold on them yet. Tonight I see the Steelers doing enough to get a win. The emotion of opening night and seeing the banner will carry them.

Boski Bits of Info:

I think the Steelers need to get pressure on Culpepper early and rattle his cage. This is an O-Line that still has questions.

Pittsburgh will also need to keep Mc Michael in check, he is the one who I think will get the most out of having Dante throwing.

The Steelers will be in trouble if they can give Culpepper time.

The Pins want a shootout since the Steelers might not have enough O, without Big Ben and maybe Ward. So they will air it out, maybe no-huddle early and put Pittsburgh in a chase mode. Then batter them late with Brown.

The Steelers will lean on Parker heavily tonight. Which is why it is so important that Batch make some plays early in the passing game, to get that running game room. The secondary is the area that the Dolphins still have a lot to prove. So if they can keep 8 out of the box, advantage slides to the Steelers.

But then every sports talking head says the same thing.

So the score will be
Pittsburgh 20
Miami 17

Alright, I am out of here.


2 Responses to It starts tonight.

  1. silliyak says:

    Not bad, don’t get a big head.

    BTW, can you fix it so I can comment as an “Other” on Blog o’ Sports? It’s a long sad story (or a short sniffly blog post)

  2. Julie says:

    Not bad on the prediction…I was worried for a bit, especially after the episode on the 1 yd line, but the Steelers pulled it together and made me a very happy fan, indeed.

    So what’s your line on the Manning v. Manning game for Sunday? That should be an interesting one to watch.

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