Laboring toward Labor Day.

The last long weekend of the summer is upon us and I am slogging away to get to it. It will be a busy weekend for Team Boski. Tonight meeting a friend I worked with at Disney. Has it really been 10 years since I hung it up at the Mouse House? We heading over to Orange Street Fair. Just a great opportunity to drink on the streets of Orange with thousands of others.

Saturday we are heading up to see Mrs. Boski’s dad and some of her family in the Bay Area. Should be good times. And if things break right I may be able to stop in and visit a good friend who up in the area.


Hold on.

Can you smell it?

I know that smell, it FOOOTBALL Season. College games this weekend, which I am not really going to be able to see, but they will be on this I do know. Sure Baseball is heating up and as of right now the Sox are still in the hunt. But the last few time I have blogged that I thought good things would happen. Wham. Step on a rake and mutter like Sideshow Bob. So I am here to drop some negativity on them with the hopes of not been too crushed when the weekend is over.

I know I am very late to the party, but goddammit Steve Colbert. Why did you have to have all that Truthy goodness. First it was the Dana Carvey Show, the your breakout role as a caring and thoughtful educator on Strangers with Candy, then you continued to charm us with your hard hitting yet spritely journalistic skill on the Daily Show and now this. Great I am going to have to watch full time, are you happy? I need less shows not more to watch. I am only one man! Wait did I just say I needed less TV? When did I turn into a communist. But now this most likely get me sucked into watching the Daily Show as well. I know it is for my own good and I have been missing out on gold, but my Tivo only has 40 hours and I still have not finished making the Tivo Smokehouse to cure and smoke other programs on the Tivo. Mmmmm Tivo jerky.

The last few days I have found another part of my childhood. I know no one who reads this has ever heard of this guy, but as a kid I would listen to the Jim Healy radio show. My dad got me going on this and after listening to the old clips it made me think wistfully on those days. It was a half hour sports show, but it was a half hour of Jim Healy making fun of the pomposity that is sports. It was one man, some sports stories and a lot of sound bites. To me it made for hilarity.

Here are some of my favorite sound bites: (Warning kids, most of these are rated P, for profanity)

Choir Boy Tommy Lasorda speaking about David Kingman’s 3 HR and 8 RBI performance .

The late Jerome Brown speaking before the 1987 Fiesta Bowl. Jerome lets you in on some interesting historical facts.

Sweet and gentile Tommy Lasorda response to San Diego Padre, one time winner of Topps Biggest bubble, and futility player Kurt Bevaqua statement that Lasorda had ordered his pitcher Tom Niedenfuer to hit a fellow Padre.

Hey Tommy you kiss your wife with that mouth. Tommy who do blame for all of this. Is it you or was it your former boss Al Campanis.

Beniot Benjamin gives his feelings about the fans.

Howard Cosell asking the question we all have about about this blog entry and the blog itself.

I will give the last word to the late Johnny Carson.

Okay thank you everyone for indulging me. Sorry I went Doctor Demento with the blog on you. Especially on something that none of you would have every heard.

Oh wait I have one last TV item. Loved Deadwood this season. It was interested finale, but I am sad to say I was disappointed about one thing. I am glad that open fighting did not breakout in the camp but I would have loved to seen the dwarf, who was handy with the knife. One of the rabble that Silas’ buddy Hawkeye brought in to battle the Pinkertons. The one who made up the 1/2 of the 18 and 1/2 he could muster from his drunken stupor. Oh how I could envision him punching Hearst in the nuts and then climbing into Richarson’s beard to escape. Again I am not a man of violence but that would have been funny, I am sorry.

Well as you can see I have labored long enough way from labor. So I am off everyone have a great weekend.


5 Responses to Laboring toward Labor Day.

  1. Silliyak says:

    Watch it, or you could be “ON NOTICE!”

  2. Boski93 says:

    I was afriad of that.

  3. Silliyak says:

    I didn’t realize you had a southern accent before.

  4. Julie says:

    Football football FOOTBALL! Screw college games, I get to see my beloved Steelers play on Thursday night! And my even more beloved Jerome Bettis do commentary! Thursday night I will be the happiest Steeler fan in Brooklyn, complete with a brand new Polamalu jersey and Terrible Towel.

  5. Boski93 says:

    I am sorry to hear that Ben’s appendix did not make the final round of cuts. Sorry I heard that joke and I could not resist. Well hopfully they will be able to get by with out him this week. Belated congrats on the Super Bowl, even though it was done at the expense of my beloved Broncos, who would have disposed of the Seagulls and I would still be trying coming down from the high of seeing the White Sox and the Broncos win.

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