Dan Snyder and Tom Cruise teaming up?

Great, just what we needed. Two men, whose combined height is still may not meet the required height to ride most roller coasters, and with more money than god, team up. Seem like a power duo made in heaven, except they are both bat shit crazy. Sure Daniel Snyder is not a dumb business man, but I still think he got some crazy in him. As for Tom Cruise do I need to say anymore.

Right now all of this makes me think what would have happened if Joey had picked Dawson instead of Pacey. Great job Pacey, great freaking job. You let her get captured by the dangerous version of a Comicon Convention. . . errrr I mean Scientology.

What projects and ideas can we expect from them?

The Redskins drop their moniker and take up Thetans. If that does not test well, then they will be called the Suri’s, for that mythical creature which has yet to be seen by humans.

Mission Impossible IV – Washington Avoid Salary Cap Hell!

Jerry Maguire II – The Owners Strike Back!

Maybe together they will be able to finally ride all those roller coaster that Dan owns.

and so on and so on.

Right now I can already picture Cruise and Snyder yelling at each other at their first meeting,

“No, I am Napoleon!’

“How can you be Napoleon, when we all know I am Napoleon.”

I do so hope this ends in flames, the Great Chicago Fire kind of flames, for both of them.


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