I repeat, we will probably not repeat.

So Boski how did the Sox do this weekend.

CRASH! (Boski punches the one who queries)

Did you really need to ask. My thoughts on Friday and Saturday’s performances to could be summed up better in the 30 minutes profanity laced tirade that ragged in my mind on both nights. But since this is a family program I will say it sucked more ass than lake in Minnesota. Again moving the Twins back up my list of things I hate with a passion. Readers of the Blog of Fun know my views on the Twins.

It was a cornucopia of pain, shame, brief hope, anger, grief, emptiness and a lots of profanity.

Blowing a 4 run lead at home.
Giving up a unearned run in 9th so making Dye’s HR only tie the game and not win it.
Starters and relievers not getting outs when they needed them.
Hitting into way too many DP’s .
Poor D.

I could go on and on. I was felt too hollowed out from the previous two games to feel good about Buerhle actually pitching well and them beating the Twins.

Instead of being 3 1/2 or even 1 1/2 games up on the Twins, and being closer to the Tigers. We are 1/2 behind the Twins and 5 1/2 behind the Tigers. So I am now dangerously close to panic and quitting mode.


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