And that also happened.

My weekend was not a total loss. In fact I had a very enjoyable Saturday. The Better Half and I decided to go out and enjoy our surroundings. We ventured out of the lair around 11. We decided since it was such a gorgeous day we would drive down PCH to Crystal Cove.

We tried to grab lunch at a place on the water, but since it was going to be a two hour wait we went here.

It looked a lot nicer than the photo shows. We ate lunch and looked out over the water. Afterwards we cruised up to another beach and sat and watched the beauty that is summer here in Orange County.

Then after baking in the sun for a little bit. Headed back to home and rested. But around 6:00 we realized we still needed a little more, so we went down to Fashion Island, or Fascist Island depended on who you talk to. We walked around and enjoyed a great sunset. It was just so pleasant and relaxing. It was only later the evening was ruined when I watched the Sox lose. Boski, sports will be the death of you.

The rest of the weekend was nice outside of the White Sox. Okay everything was alright except for my allergy/cold that hit me yesterday. A couple of times I wanted to crack my head open with the hopes of clearing my sinus passages. It is never a good sign when your head is clogged up to the point where you feel it in your teeth. I am feeling much better today thankfully.


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