Just give me a couple more months.

(Another chapter in the bizzaro world of Boski)

That is what I had to sadly say to my favorite pair of khaki shorts. I have had these shorts forever. At one point I was expecting to buried with them. But now it looks like I will have to give them a proper Viking funeral this Winter.

Sail on to Valhalla little one, sail on.

These shorts are one of the best things ever created by those magic elves at J.Crew. Sadly since my time machine is still on the fritz I can’t go back to when I ordered them and get more. These shorts at first were neglected by me for the first couple of years. Slowly they worked their way into the rotation until they became the Alpha shorts. They were so perfect for me. It allowed me to go between looking like a derelict and not so derelictish. Sure they are a magnet for stains, but damnit I still loved them. Hell I remember one day I saw a packet of ketchup try to break into drawer where I was keeping the shorts.

But I am funny about shorts. Hey Boski there are khaki shorts everywhere, what you have a problem going to store or something?

No, well other than being easily distracted by shiny object, the problem is that there are decent shorts out there, but the shorts I loved where of the draw string variety. The ones that come close either need a belt. Which goes against my nature. Not that I disapprove of belts, in fact I am wearing one right now. But my problem is when I am wearing a t-shirt with shorts I think a belt is just feels wrong. So no collar, no belt, when it comes to shorts. Also the other problem I run into is if the shorts are draw string, they are way too long. I am not a tall man having the long shorts just does not work. Lastly they don’t sell them for a nickel (okay I will go a dollar but that is it). Shorts should not be the same cost as pants. They are half pants for cheese sake. What am I asking for too much? Knowing me, probably.


2 Responses to Just give me a couple more months.

  1. BubbaRayGracie says:

    I’m right there with you, boski.

  2. Boski93 says:

    Thanks BRG.

    Hey how about City beating the Arse for the first time since 1991, at City stadium, or as we Red fans like to say, the largest council housing works in Manchester. Sorry still grousing about last years drubbing by you guys.

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