Grab Bag time kids.

Hey kids. It is just another lazy Thursday afternoon. Busy, but I am very bored. These reports are all running together. So I need to take a break and ramble about the ramblelable(????).

Why do they have to hate on Pluto? I really hate to see planets get outsourced. Why does Pluto lose it’s job and our President who not as bright as Disney’s Pluto has his job?

Speaking of bat shit crazy, how about George’s press conference this week. How did you get through that without being hit by lightning or having your pants being set on fire. Seriously two more years of you? We are so screwed. The only person more agitated then you were that day was my local NPR affiliate. They were panicking since you had this news conference during pledge drive. They were not pleased.

Oh a human interest story, something smells. Oh it from the BS. (thanks to Attytood)

Excuse me Rush, you spilt some BBQ sauce on your hood.

In sports.

The White Sox thrash the kitties. Still out of first by a bit, but they kept themselves from being buried.

I think it would be safe to say that the Royals should just call it quits. After last night, I just wonder what keeps them from setting the place on fire so it can collect on the insurance.

Another Joey that is having a bad year.

Chelsea loses. YEAH! Reds on top of the fixture, double YEAH!

Well I had more but I got to run.


2 Responses to Grab Bag time kids.

  1. Silliyak says:

    I’m feeling uplifted! Re: the Royals, now HERE’S a record the Giants can shoot for and have a reasonable shot at.

    Historical note: I once saw the Calif Seals (NHL-many moons ago) take a 8 -0 lead in the first period and lose to the Boston Bruins 9-8.

  2. Boski93 says:

    Ah the Seals. They have gone the way of the Cleveland Barrons, Kansas City Scouts, Atlanta Flames, Colorado Rockies, Minnesota North Stars and Harford Whalers. Gone but not forgotten.

    Hey sorry about last night, they needed that one. Is it me or do the Reds have only two starting pitchers and about 8,000 relivers.

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