Yep the end of the world has to be right around the corner.


This guy is making me feel bad for someone taking a shot at Steinbrenner and A-Rod.

(Boski shivers)

I read this and thought where in the hell does this guy get off berating either of them. Hey I am for those who have helping those without, but come on sir, you sound like such an asshat.

Also nice freaking mouths on these kids.

It may come as a shock to you but I love baseball and I loved playing Little League. Well accept for the one year I played for two real assholes and got only 3 hits and was thrown out at first on a hit to right field. Sure I really sucked, but I loved playing, but that year they tired to kill that love and they almost succeeded . Thankfully I didn’t and I ended up enjoying my two best years(.345 and .460 no dingers). Sure I was a little older than most of the kids I played against, and I only played 1 game at the Senior Major level, but it was nice to be able to complete at a level where I was not out of my depth. I still played and had a good time. Okay except for my very last game.

Up by one, bottom of the last inning, 2nd and 3rd, two out. Ground ball to the Third baseman who throws to first, but his throw was off and up the line. He was always doing that, but he played third because I could dig those out. Man that was the only thing I could do well and that was pick it at first. Now I was up about 8 feet from the bag on the foul line, yes the throw was that off. So instead of going back to the bag. I was close enough to tag the runner. Which I did and if I didn’t the runner went out of the base line, either way game over. But the ump obviously had is head elsewhere. Runner safe. Runner on third broke had scored and now the runner from second made a break. As I was trying to plead my case for home he broke. I was 80 feet from home plate and made a perfect throw home. Only if I was standing in right field and home plate was about 200 feet away. Next thing I know the ball is hitting the backstop about 35 feet up. Game over Boski’s team loses. I should have known that was going to happen. I played for the Cubs. But then I haven’t thought about it too many time over the years as you can tell by my hazy recollection.

Enough about me, the short of it is that we have f’ed things up for kids playing sports. It is not longer about the kids learning to play, or even learning about winning or losing. It is about some parents living through their kids or even worse some parents managing like they are the next coming of John McGraw. Hey if it is in the rules fine, but use your head. Pitching around kids at 9 – 10 year old kid to get to the one who has cancer just does not sit right. I do not want to here the whole you have to play to win and why is he there if he can’t compete. No at this age, let the kids settle the game. If it is not on the Vegas line or a scholarship involved then just ease up on the kids.

Okay you have all suffered enough of my nonsense.


2 Responses to Yep the end of the world has to be right around the corner.

  1. Silliyak says:

    It all seems so wrong until you watch Armando Benitez throw gasoline on itty bitty embers. Suddenly you think, Yea, why not? How bad could it be?

  2. Boski93 says:

    Hey being a White Sox fan, I got to see Billy Koch do amazing things to prevent his own club from winning.

    Also growing up in the OC, I watched the Angels when they use to be on the bleeding edge of fan disappointment when they had some of the worst closers ever parade out to the mound. Luis Sanchez, Doug Korbett, Dave La Roche. Now there some bad closers.

    But Beneitez is mindnumbingly bad. How he has not been thrown into McCovey’s cove with an anchor still amazes me.

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