Monday Afternoon and all is quiet.

Another ho-hum day here in the Kingdom of Boski.

Had a decent weekend. Other than those f’ing Twins it was good.

Had a great time Friday night watching Jarred Weaver beat a AAA team. If the M’s are going to play this bad can they at least go back to the old White/Blue/Gold uni’s with the trident caps. It was nice hanging with the King of the Desert Hooligans and having over priced brews ($8 for a Harp, Boski scratches head).

Saturday we made it out to Long Beach to check out a Hawaiian Festival. The wife and I love kitsch Hawaiian items and carved tiki’s. We have a shelf of mugs and other tiki items like the tiki outside our front door (with our adorable stalker perched on top).

We found a couple of things and we may add a tiki fountain to the back yard. One day, the house may become like the Tiki Room, but this time I will not feel too guilty taking a nap or taking a long break.

After that we grabbed a nice lunch in Belmont Shore. We wandered around and then we gave a call to friends of ours who we had not seen forever. We were lucky to see them and take time to catch up. Since they very close to the birth of their first child. Which may have occurred by the time this entry has been typed.

Sunday, grabbed my brothers b-day gift, and headed to my Mom’s. Enjoyed hanging out with the family. Enjoyed a nice meal, and I enjoyed being ran around by my nephew. Who always grabs his Uncle Boski and has him jump through hoops for him, which I never mind doing.


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