Tent Sales, Haircut, Popcorn, Waterparks and Lesotho.

That was the Boski weekend. Well almost everything. Lesotho, oh that. Well we were contacted a couple of weeks back about the possibility of leading a group their over Christmas vacation. Well I am not sure if it would have been both of you, but it is no matter it got nixed. I thought about it and leading a group of high school kids I do not know to Lesotho made me have to take pause.

Friday night after I blew out of the office. The wife and I went to Chick’s Sport Good Tent Sale, which used to be Christmas and my Birthday rolled into one. It was the time they cleared out all their old stuff and where I could restock my supply of T-shirt and hats. Over the years I have realized that I can not show up to most jobs dressed in the latest Denver Bronco T and shorts. I tired it does not go over well. But I still go. I only found a couple of things of interest.

Saturday after the great bagel fiasco got my dome sheered. Then decided I need to waste four bucks on another pair of eye glasses. The over/under is 6 months on this pair. So after finishing the required task of the day we retreated to the domicile made popcorn and the wife broke out Lost Boys on VHS. She had an 80’s fix. Man after watching it made me sad that Grandpa is dead the Corey’s still walk the earth. Where is the justice?

Sunday was off to the waterpark with my nephew. He had done well in school, and this was his report card prize. He was nice enough to ask if his Uncle and Aunt Boski could join him. So we did. So we met my brother-in-law and my oldest sister in Irvine. We again returned to Wild Rivers, just like last summer. Why not, it won’t be around much longer. Which sucks because along with it they are going to get rid of Irvine Meadows. Now that really limits where you can see a concert in the O.C. Had a splashingly goof time at the waterpark. Other than being way too white and having god awful physique. I only got burnt on the top of my feet. So everywhere I walk I will be reminded that I forgot to reapply sunscreen, but at least are not as white as they have been:

After having a seven year old run us ragged. We went back picked up my mom, my other sister and my youngest nephew and went out and enjoyed dinner. I know it was at an Islands, but it was one of the best meals I have had. Not because of the food but it was more about the setting. I say this because it was a gorgeous summer evening, relaxing and laughing with my family. That and knowing that the Sox won (I still would have had fun, but damnit nothing makes a summer weekend like having your team win, the same can be said in the fall with football). The only thing missing where my brothers and my sister-in-law. I was just so happy to be sitting there relaxing with the people I love. It made me realize that maybe just maybe my happiness is not tied to what work I do. That maybe having time for the people and things I love is what I enjoy. I am still going to try to find my niche in the world. I am still going to try to work hard to get there, but I am not going to let a job kill me. Maybe punish me, since I need health coverage, but not kill me. And if that means working a job that I can tolerate so I can have more opportunities that have times like this, then so be it. If I am not going to be in the Forbes 500 then tough.


5 Responses to Tent Sales, Haircut, Popcorn, Waterparks and Lesotho.

  1. Julie says:

    That is the worst farmer’s tan I’ve ever seen. Of course I say this with my whole body as white as your feet, except for the top of my feet which are tanned into a Teva shape.

    Nothin’ like summer to bring out the redneck in us all. 😉

  2. Boski93 says:

    I know it does look like I am still wearing socks. Since the photo was from our trip to Kauai the red dirt really helps bring out the white.

  3. Eric says:

    Dude, eff work. Family, friends, and good times are what counts. Work simply pays the bills (Can you tell I hate my job right now). I’d trade it all simply to be sharing a beer with my brother, and then punching him in the face.

  4. Boski93 says:

    Hell what you need to do is share a beer with me and we will both punch your brother.

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