Should I ever really care

about what people think of my music on my I-pod? When it come to music I can be very bland and very out there. I have some stuff I am proud of, and I also know I have some questionable selections. Okay not Britney Spears or Green Day bad, but I have some stuff on there that to paraphrase from the great film Valley Girl,

“It’s gutless and has no soul”.

I probably shouldn’t care, but I so want to be in with the cool kids.


4 Responses to Should I ever really care

  1. Totsie says:

    I’m so sure!

    Dude, I have Lou Monte, Boney M and Trini Lopez in my MPlayer. Most uncool and I don’t even care.

    I’ll never be a music or film cricket.

  2. Boski93 says:

    Ah Trini Lopez. That takes me back to my Jungle Cruise days. When on those long summer days when I was feeling punchy. I would tell the guests when we sailed by the attacking natives that,

    “wow they are still steamed that I have not returned those Trini Lopez albums yet.”

    The only laugh on the boat would be me snickering.

  3. Anonymous says:

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