Let me go on the record here.

I am no fan of Fidel Castro and his track record, but I think he missed a golden comedy opportunity when he put his brother Raul in charge. I think he should have let Elian Gonzalez’ be in charge. Oh wouldn’t that have been a couple days of news nuttiness.

Just throwing it out there.

While I am throwing things out, I know that the government has “plan” if Cuba should have a political breakdown after Castro. I am curious to know what Major league Baseball plan is. I have a feeling that there are at least 16 teams with boats, planes and commandos ready at a moments notice, to find hard throwing left handers, or great middle infielders.

Remember folks here at the Blog of Fun we try to examine the items and reflect on their chortle political ramifications.


3 Responses to Let me go on the record here.

  1. Ace Cowboy says:

    My buddy and I had a radio show in college, and one of my funniest bits was about Elian Gonzalez’ college application…I mean, you know how all those apps ask for “Life changing experiences” and shit like that? Does he just write “I’m fucking Elian Gonzalez for chrissakes!” and get accepted? I think yes.

    (The on-air bit was funnier, I promise.)

  2. Boski93 says:


  3. Anonymous says:

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