Sorry everyone.

August 30, 2006

I have spent most of today getting my nose up close and personal with the old grind stone.

I will work hard to not work harder.

That’s a promise!


Dan Snyder and Tom Cruise teaming up?

August 29, 2006

Great, just what we needed. Two men, whose combined height is still may not meet the required height to ride most roller coasters, and with more money than god, team up. Seem like a power duo made in heaven, except they are both bat shit crazy. Sure Daniel Snyder is not a dumb business man, but I still think he got some crazy in him. As for Tom Cruise do I need to say anymore.

Right now all of this makes me think what would have happened if Joey had picked Dawson instead of Pacey. Great job Pacey, great freaking job. You let her get captured by the dangerous version of a Comicon Convention. . . errrr I mean Scientology.

What projects and ideas can we expect from them?

The Redskins drop their moniker and take up Thetans. If that does not test well, then they will be called the Suri’s, for that mythical creature which has yet to be seen by humans.

Mission Impossible IV – Washington Avoid Salary Cap Hell!

Jerry Maguire II – The Owners Strike Back!

Maybe together they will be able to finally ride all those roller coaster that Dan owns.

and so on and so on.

Right now I can already picture Cruise and Snyder yelling at each other at their first meeting,

“No, I am Napoleon!’

“How can you be Napoleon, when we all know I am Napoleon.”

I do so hope this ends in flames, the Great Chicago Fire kind of flames, for both of them.

I was feeling bad writing the last post

August 28, 2006

but this made me feel better.

Raiders sign Jeff George.

Holy crap is it April 1st already.

Oh Al thanks for the laughs.

Maybe we get what we deserve.

August 28, 2006

So it a now the one year anniversary of Katrina and it looks like things still suck. I just shake my head and think how things in Beirut and Southern Lebanon will get rebuilt quicker and better than things in New Orleans. I am in no way a supporter of Hezbollah, it mission, and how it wants to achieve it goals. But it makes me crazy that it seem that they are better organized for rebuilding of Lebanon then the US has for the Gulf (Yes I know two different situations, but we are talking about the displacement of many). Hearing about Hezbollah members out immediately after the cease fire and getting cash in the hands to those displaced and trying to work on clearing rubble. Sure the money is from Iran and Syria. Again a-holes who I am not found of, and in that I mean the governments not the people to help entrench them into Lebanon and that it will make the possibilities of another conflict greater. But how can a terrorist organization be better organized than this country? Mr. Bush please answer me that. How can we have a major metropolitan area and a large areas in the Gulf region with people still living in tents, with unreliable utilities and and areas that are still uninhabitible. That is simply inexcusable. Yes I know the mess made by Katrina would not be cleaned up in a weekend, but what has happened, or lack of what happened is just wrong.

But then it makes me think why do we allow ourselves to let the government disappoint us. We live in a country that seem more interesting in Gary Numan . . . er I mean Jon Mark Karr, than what is going on in this country and the world. Who surprise, surprise is innocent. His only crime is that he is bat shit crazy.

And if that is what people are more interested in, then we get what deserve.

And that also happened.

August 28, 2006

My weekend was not a total loss. In fact I had a very enjoyable Saturday. The Better Half and I decided to go out and enjoy our surroundings. We ventured out of the lair around 11. We decided since it was such a gorgeous day we would drive down PCH to Crystal Cove.

We tried to grab lunch at a place on the water, but since it was going to be a two hour wait we went here.

It looked a lot nicer than the photo shows. We ate lunch and looked out over the water. Afterwards we cruised up to another beach and sat and watched the beauty that is summer here in Orange County.

Then after baking in the sun for a little bit. Headed back to home and rested. But around 6:00 we realized we still needed a little more, so we went down to Fashion Island, or Fascist Island depended on who you talk to. We walked around and enjoyed a great sunset. It was just so pleasant and relaxing. It was only later the evening was ruined when I watched the Sox lose. Boski, sports will be the death of you.

The rest of the weekend was nice outside of the White Sox. Okay everything was alright except for my allergy/cold that hit me yesterday. A couple of times I wanted to crack my head open with the hopes of clearing my sinus passages. It is never a good sign when your head is clogged up to the point where you feel it in your teeth. I am feeling much better today thankfully.

Fresh from the Overkill Department

August 28, 2006

Seriously, people in Iowa do not need to see a University of Texas game from their homes. Holy Jeez!

(Thank to Deadspin)

I repeat, we will probably not repeat.

August 28, 2006

So Boski how did the Sox do this weekend.

CRASH! (Boski punches the one who queries)

Did you really need to ask. My thoughts on Friday and Saturday’s performances to could be summed up better in the 30 minutes profanity laced tirade that ragged in my mind on both nights. But since this is a family program I will say it sucked more ass than lake in Minnesota. Again moving the Twins back up my list of things I hate with a passion. Readers of the Blog of Fun know my views on the Twins.

It was a cornucopia of pain, shame, brief hope, anger, grief, emptiness and a lots of profanity.

Blowing a 4 run lead at home.
Giving up a unearned run in 9th so making Dye’s HR only tie the game and not win it.
Starters and relievers not getting outs when they needed them.
Hitting into way too many DP’s .
Poor D.

I could go on and on. I was felt too hollowed out from the previous two games to feel good about Buerhle actually pitching well and them beating the Twins.

Instead of being 3 1/2 or even 1 1/2 games up on the Twins, and being closer to the Tigers. We are 1/2 behind the Twins and 5 1/2 behind the Tigers. So I am now dangerously close to panic and quitting mode.