So things in the world are not totally without hope.

A spot of good news from the North.

So far this year has been a quiet during the marching season.

Which to me says that there is hope. Hope that long bitter conflicts could be resolved without one side trying to annihilate the other, which usually end up with both sides losing.

You hear that Mideast!
Hey Pakistan, India you listening.

Sure the process is not perfect and is never easy. The solution may not satisfy everyone. But if there is a will, then there is a chance of success.

For Northern Ireland they are still a ways from having the peace walls come down, but it is closer than it has been in a while.

But things can still get f’ed up by assholes like Ian Paisdouche and “paramilitaries” who hide behind politics (on both sides) to cover for their criminal thugasity (yes, it is made up).


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