Who is the patron Saint of Air Conditioning?

Because he or she was definitely working overtime this weekend.

It was over the century make all weekend, and the best part was the lovely humidity. Again I have to say, I live in a arid location, where thunderstorms and heat usually to not meet. If I going to have to live with weather from other parts of the country. Parts I do not live in. Then my house payments should be adjusted. I think I should paying about what I should pay for my house if it where in South Carolina, so I am thinking at least half.

Saturday did my time at the fair. I walked over, which even though it was less than a mile was not the best idea at that time of the day. It was what the Ancient Greeks would say, “Damn Ass hot”. I was sweating like Rush at the airport. After my trek across the desert, I got settled in to the booth. Nice little both with HFH stuff not bad except for one thing. One of the people who was manning the booth was asshat. Why would you say that Matt? Well, I had to listen to him spew something morbidly moronic. Hey it was nice that he was there to help, but he was there because his wife, who had hooked him in. But that good will of helping out ended when I heard him say, “that Jimmy Carter was the worst president we have ever had. What he did in office was treasonous.” WTF! Seriously, asshole did you just say that? And did you just say that to someone who was asking information about Habitat? I should have kicked the crap out of your old bald, sorry ass. To make it worse you added this gem. “Carter was worse than, that Confederate General from the Civil War, who was President. You know Grant something.” Come on assham! You look old enough to have been around for the Civil War. I may chalk this up to a combo of your radical right view and being senile, but Grant was a Union general!!!! Look I not saying that Carter had the greatest presidency, even though I would like him at the helm right now to try his hand at the Mideast. But how can you say what you said with Bush in the White House. Bush is making my boy Grant look like Jefferson Freaking Jefferson. So you, and your Fox watching fishing buddies can suck it.

Thankfully he left shortly after that.

The wife arrived and we and one other person manned the booth. Now it’s about 102 maybe 103 outside and fair ground is on black top so you could make it about 115 to 120 I would make a guess. The inside was holding at a nice 80 degrees with a couple of cool spots. You could tell where those were in the building. It was any space were you say someone stop aburptly stop there zombie like march. Sadly I had to venture out to the car. I had to put the parking pass in it. I was not going to make my wife go out into that. So I walked out and proceeded to spend about 25 minutes trying to find the car. Since I messed up my wife’s instructions so high temperature hilarity ensued as I searched for the car. Let me say that I have not be that hot and miserable since I made the mistake to walking from the Colorado Belle to the Gold Nugget in Laughlin when it was 124. After finding the car in a route that was shorter than Magellan’s travels, by only a couple of miles. I made it back into the booth where I sat and tried to recover from the roasting. Our shift was only till four, or so we thought. Found out they needed someone top stay. Which would have been nice, if they had asked. But thankfully someone came and relieved us at 6:00 PM. We then ventured to the Fair which was not surprisingly was not too crowded. It was a good time to get food since no more wanted to eat anything hot. In fact, I think I saw someone trying to get on a grill where they were doing corn on since it was bit cooler. Since I was only partly uncomfortable, I grabbed dinner. It was hot to the point that people where not even getting the deep fried beer, on a stick. We walked around looking at the animals in the pens and the animals walking around the fair. Man I did feel better about myself. After our stroll around we caught the lighting show that was going on. Also since night fell the crowds showed up. We drove down to the shore to catch the tail end of the lighting show and then went home to our 85 degree sweatlodge to finish our visionquest.


We ran some errands for the house

Got a gift to my sisters birthday

Spent sometime with some friends and their kids, complaining about the heat

Finally saw the White Sox not soil themselves

BBQ for the family at my Mom’s which was a good time, other than the heat by the grill and the plate sized black widow who was asking for his burger to be medium well.

So as you can see a busy and warm weekend.


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